Sunday, April 14, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending April 14, 2019

School District News and a range of notes out of the Monday City Council session dominated our most read listings on the week.

With readers digging into the news flow with the same relish that might take to A&W's selection of burger options, something still at the moment that is a bit out of the grasp of Rupertites ...

Early in the week we relayed news out of the SD52 office and the fate of two of the long since closed elementary schools in the city, with Kanata and Seal Cove Schools now in line for potential demolition.

It was also a pivotal week for Prince Rupert City Council which approved the 2019 Budget and putting in place a 2 percent property tax decrease for residents which should put on average another 49 dollars or so in our pockets.

Monday's Council session also delivered some commentary on how some of the Council members view the findings of the salary compensation review committee, with the recommended increases set to be approved by amendment in the weeks to come.

Residents of the city also heard of yet more work to be done on the airport ferry with another 350,000 worth of repairs required to the job currently underway in Victoria.

Readers this week were also somewhat interested in our notes on the latest rankings of British Columbia cities and rat infestations, with Terrace making its way as the only Northwest representative on the list of 20.

This was also a week which found the Mayor and the management of Rupert Square engaged in a rather public feud related to the fate of a much promoted, but never quite to the finish line arrival of an A&W restaurant for the city.

However the top story of the week finds us taking one last glance at a pair of once vibrant schools in the community; as SD52 looks toward bringing down the walls for two now closed elementary schools.

Bring on the wrecking ball! Seal Cove and Kanata Schools eyed for potential demolition -- Our look from early this week at the plans of School District 52 to finally take action on two long abandoned school buildings claimed the most attention this week, with our second SD52 story of the week, outlining the District Budget decisions of this week also finding a large audience following its introduction on Friday.         (posted April 9, 2019)

That article was followed by:

Council maintains 2 per cent tax cut as part of Budget approval Monday evening --  Prince Rupert City Council members put the final steps in place for adoption of this years financial plan, holding to a 2 percent tax cut after some discussion over a potential shift of one percent to address asset maintenance. The other major theme for Monday's city council session found some of the council members sharing their thoughts on proposed council salary increases this year.    (posted April 10, 2019)

Terrace can lay claim to a title that no one probably wants ... status on the Orkin Rat List   -- The latest findings from the Orkin Canada Pest Control listings,  find Terrace the lone Northwest community to make a list no one wants to be on, that of the 20th place rattiest city in the province.     (posted  April  11, 2019)

More money required for Airport Ferry Refit, as total closes in on One Million dollar mark -- City Council members heard the latest update on the state of the city's airport ferry on Monday, with the city's Chief Financial Officer noting that additional work will be required on the vessel currently at a Victoria Dry Dock, bringing the total cost of the project inching closer to one million dollars.    (posted  April 10, 2019)

Burgers, Fries and a side dish of confusion ...  --   As the week came to an end, residents were following with much interest the outbreak of finger pointing on the fate of a once upon a time proposed fast food restaurant. With the Mayor and Rupert Square management squaring off in the 2019 Great Burger Debate in Prince Rupert.    (posted April 12 2019)

One other item did very well when it came to views this week as our April 1st tomfoolery found a large audience, actually topping the weeks listings when it came to attention, you can review our tribute to the day made for pranks and creative thinking here.

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