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Prince Rupert Port Authority Community Investment Archive 2019

(Photo from Prince Rupert Port Authority website)

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has clearly had an economic impact on the North Coast over the years, the development of Ridley Island, Fairview Terminals and other Industrial sites has provided for a major shift in the local economy.

The evolution of the regional economy could see yet another major change in the future, with the foundation of an LNG industry on the North Coast and the ambitious expansion plans from the Port just a few of the proposed projects which could reshape the region.

Through all of the change so far, it has been the Port that has been the economic engine of growth and making them a key partner in the community.

In addition to that economic impact, the Port has also taken on a leadership role in assisting Community activities through the region, by way of sponsorship activities and through their Community Investment Fund.

The Community Investment Fund has contributed over 2.5 million dollars towards a number of initiatives in the region, at times partnering with other local corporations to provide for worthy projects

Since its creation in 2009, the Port's efforts in Community involvement can be found in many different directions and initiatives.

To gain a better understanding of their commitment to the community we've tracked many of their donations and community investments with our archive page.

Port Authority Media Releases

December 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority invests $29,500 into Prince Rupert Rod and Gun Club Revitalization Project 
October 9 -- PRPA invests $100,000 into Terrace Search and Rescue emergency operations centre
September 12 -- New Conrad Playground gets Grand Opening Celebration
September 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority invests over $100,00 into Massett Marine Rescue Society
July 26 -- The Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert receives a welcome boost.
June 28 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority slides into the Anne Neufeld Tot Park Renewal project
May 21 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Assists Lax Kw'alaams Rescue Society upgrade Marine Search and Rescue Equipment
January 8 --  Prince Rupert Port Authority commits $1 Million for Investment in Skeena river Salmon

Community Involvement coverage for 2019 can be found below

North Coast Review items

December 10 -- Port's Community Investment Funding is on target for Prince Rupert Rod and Gun Club  NCR
October 9 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority puts 100K towards Terrace Search and Rescue Operations Centre  NCR
September 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority helps out in securing new Fast Response SAR Vessel for Haida Gwaii  NCR
July 26 -- Friendship House gains boost to Kitchen Services through Port's Community Investment Fund  NCR
July 2 -- Port of Prince Rupert helps put the play into Port Edward Playground  NCR 

May 21 -- $55,000 plus Port investment Fund contribution helps Lax Kw'alaams Search and Rescue NCR
January 8 -- Port of Prince Rupert Community investment fund commits to Skeena salmon  NCR

Other items of interest from regional media sources

July 3 -- Play time! Conrad Park playground opens to the public
July 2 -- Port Edward Tot park (video)

May 22 -- Lax Kw'alaams Search and Rescue (video)
May 21 -- Search and rescue equipment on Lax Kw'alaams receives critical upgrades
May 21 -- Lax Kw'alaams Rescue Society completes Station equipment upgrades

January 10 -- Prince Rupert port invests in salmon (video)
January 8 -- Prince Rupert Port to provide a million dollars for Skeena salmon
January 8 -- Prince Rupert Port announces $1M for Skeena River salmon

Our Archives from past years can be found below


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