Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Port of Prince Rupert Community Investment fund commits to Skeena Salmon

A view of the Skeena River near Polymar, the Port of Prince Rupert
announced a one million dollar investment in Skeena salmon today

The first announcement for 2019 for the Port of Prince Rupert Community Investment Fund will direct one million dollars towards initiatives to support Salmon enhancement in the Skeena River watershed.

The Port program, which was announced today notes that the funding will be put to work as part of a  partnership with local organizations on projects that increase salmon stock productivity and the maintenance and rehabilitation of critical habitat in the Skeena River watershed.

 The fund will also seek to support innovative pilot projects that will achieve these objectives and support the health, resilience and sustainability of Skeena River salmon during this International Year of the Salmon.

As part of the focus for the funding will be work with First Nations, non-governmental organizations and local community groups.

The program also provides the opportunity to partner with other agencies and organizations leading similar initiatives to leverage additional financial resources toward this important priority. In addition to monetary support, PRPA is also seeking ways to share capacity and data from its existing environmental stewardship programs to enhance new and existing salmon-related initiatives.

Prince Rupert Port Authority President and CEO Shaun Stevenson outlined how the funding will reinforce the port's commitment to the environment and development of a strong salmon population.

“The Prince Rupert Port Authority has seen many projects come to fruition and make a difference through our Community Investment Fund. Dedicating resources entirely to salmon and their habitat will hopefully see similar success in an area that requires extra focus,  ... We take our commitment to the environment seriously, and a strong salmon population is crucial to a healthy ecosystem on the north coast and ultimately, a healthy community.”

The Port notes that the program is ready to start evaluating initiatives immediately and those with an interest in it, should contact Brittany Pederson, the Ports Community Relations Coordinator at 250-627-2580 or by email at bpederson@rupertport.com

The investment in the Skeena River program is part of a celebration of the International Year of the Salmon.

You can review the full statement from the Port of Prince Rupert here.

Today's announcement of an investment in the state of the Skeena comes as the Port and a number of its partners in the most recent Fairview expansion project await their next court appearance.

The court case which commenced in 2018 was initiated following a DFO investigation related to an environmental impact on fish habitat near the expansion site as the most recent dock work at Fairview was underway.

The most recent court proceeding on the case file took place in December, the next court appearance is expected later this month.

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