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2018 Archive of items related to Major Projects, Planning issues and Infrastructure concerns for the City of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to Major Projects and Infrastructure concerns reviewed by City Council for the 2018 Council Year. Items from around the region will also be archived here.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items for 2018


December 14 -- Boil Water Notice in effect in Prince Rupert  NCR
December 7 -- Cold snap takes a toll on some of the city's water infrastructure  NCR


October 24 -- Decision made on Woodworth Dam contract, as City Council approves bid recommendation from staff  NCR
October 22 -- Council members to hear report on Woodworth Dam bids at tonight's City Council session   NCR


September 24 -- Sewer infrastructure work to affect residents of Water Street area for up to six weeks NCR
September 19 -- Woodworth Dam construction plans revised towards 2019  NCR
September 19 -- Councillor Cunningham hopes to see more money for community parks in 2019 Budget planning  NCR
September 11 -- City makes plans for upgrade to Pigott Avenue retaining wall, with request for bids now in motion   NCR


August 7 -- Prince Rupert finalizes contract to expand landfill (video)
August 7 -- Pump failure leads to reduced water pressure for Crestview Drive residents  NCR
August 7 -- Smoothing out potholes in Prince Rupert
August 7 -- Reduced Water pressure on Crestview Drive (City of Prince Rupert Notice)
August 1 -- McBride Street Work heads towards the home stretch  NCR


July 31 -- Traffic Disruption on 5th Ave East (City of Prince Rupert notice)
July 26 -- City moves forward with funding application for Sub Marine  Water Supply Line and Water Treatment plans  NCR
July 25 -- Broadwater Industries gets contract award for Landfill expansion project  NCR
July 23 -- Yet one more traffic headache for Prince Rupert motorists  NCR
July 20 -- Construction to impact traffic on 9t hAvenue West (City of Prince Rupert notice)
July 5 -- Ammonia-related incident at Recreation Complex (City of Prince Rupert notice)
July 5 -- Traffic advisories in place as McBride Street work continues  NCR
July 4 -- Traffic disruptions at McBride and 6th Avenues  (City of Prince Rupert notice)
July 4 -- City seeks Requests for Proposals for Woodworth Dam construction   NCR


June 28 -- City of Prince Rupert outlines Aquatic Centre shut down timeline  NCR
June 28 -- Councillors Cunningham, Randhawa hail work on Mariners Park, Atlin Promenade  NCR
June 26 -- Annual Aquatic Centre Shot Down Commences July 1st
June 26 -- Civic Centre Ammonia plant upgrade next up on list of renovations  NCR
June 22 -- City sets out purchase plan for new garbage collection vehicle  NCR
June 19 -- McKay playground to open early July (City of Prince Rupert notice)
June 13 -- Temporary closure of Tot lot at Mariner's Park (City of Prince Rupert notice)
June 11 -- McBride Street water main work to take 4 to 6 weeks to complete  NCR
June 8 -- Watermain replacement on McBride Street (City of Prince Rupert notice)
June 7 -- Funding program for municipal infrastructure opens new intake period  NCR
June 7 -- Renewable Rupert the next focus for City's Mayor  NCR


May 31 -- City crews tackle McBride Street water main repairs, reducing traffic lanes for motorists  NCR
May 30 -- Traffic Disruptions on McBride Street  (City of Prince Rupert notice)
May 25 -- Paving season underway in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 24 -- Mayor Brain attending Vancouver sessions at Art of Cities Conference  NCR
May 8 -- Earl Mah Aquatic Centre's Hot Tub replacement project starts with a request for bids  NCR
May 7 -- Prince Rupert's New Online Investment portal launched; showcases what City has to offer NCR
May 4 -- City asks for cooperation in Protecting surfacing at Mariner's Playground (City of Prince Rupert notice)
May 4 -- First to the post ... Community Investment Portal launched in Terrace  NCR
May 1 -- Windstorm Delays Doug Kerr Field opening  (City of Prince Rupert notice)
May 1 -- A bounty of bypass options  NCR
May 1 -- Pembina Open House provides glimpse of Watson Island Terminal plans  NCR


April 26 -- Crestview Drive concerns to be turned over to City Operations for review  NCR
April 25 -- Marcan Construction given contract award for City's RCMP Jail cell renovations  NCR
April 18 -- Traffic disruption on 11th Avenue East at Frederick
April 11 -- City of Prince Rupert puts 2018 Paving Project plans out for bid  NCR
April 3 -- Water infrastructure repairs on City Works Department "to do" list today  NCR
April 3 -- Water Service Repairs Today (City of Prince Rupert notice)


March 29 -- City Council moves forward with first update to City's Development Procedures Bylaw in thirty years  NCR
March 15 -- In submission to provincial government; Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance seeks solutions to challenges of rural communities  NCR
March 15 -- What are you putting into the sewer system? The City has a few guidelines to consider  NCR
March 14 -- City asks for cooperation on Flushing and Rinsing  (City of Prince Rupert notice)
March 9 -- City Council quietly makes moves towards new RCMP detachment planning  NCR
March 7 -- Rehabilitation of Doug Kerr Field  (City of Prince Rupert notice)
March 6 -- Traffic Disruption on Conrad Street due to Water Repairs (City of Prince Rupert notice)
March 2 -- City released Proposed Five year Financial Plan Report and Budget Presentation   (City of Prince Rupert notice)
March 2 -- City Currently operating on Generating Power  (City of Prince Rupert notice)


February 28 -- Councillor Randhawa seeks timeline for pothole attention and paving plans from the City  NCR
February 28 -- Budget Preview charts course towards Public Consultation period in Prince Rupert  NCR
February 21 -- Rushbrook Trail remains closed  (City of Prince Rupert notice)
February 16 -- Rock Slide to be cleared on 11th Avenue East and Plaza Street  (City of Prince Rupert notice)
February 13 -- City of Prince Rupert awards contract for Tsunami Risk Assessment  NCR


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