Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Broadwater Industries gets contract award for Landfill expansion project

The City of Prince Rupert announced the name of the successful competitor in its recent call for bids related to the expansion of the Ridley Island Landfill site, with a bid submitted by Prince Rupert's Broadwater Industries bid selected by the city for the work ahead.

The City's Director of Operations Richard Pucci provided the details behind the bid process for City Council at Monday evening's Council session, noting that two bids had been received.

The first came in at $2,992,582 submitted by Broadwater Industries, while a bid from Duadet Creek was listed at $3,086,259.55.

As part of the deliberations for the tender review by the Operations Department and the Engineer of Record Sperling Hansen, the city decided to award the contract to lower bid from Broadwater.

You can review some of the background behind the city's expansion project from our notes of June 1st below:

City puts Ridley Island landfill expansion project out for tender

The review of the contract award also provided Mr. Pucci the opportunity to outline some of the future development plans for the landfill site.

Noting how the contract award for Broadwater will give the City an additional five years of use for that segment of the landfill site and allow for extra time for City staff and Council to provide for proper planning, cost effective design and construction of a new 35 year plus cell for the site.

Mr. Pucci added that the award falls under the approved capital cost budget and that the city will continue to work with the contractor and engineering consultants to seek further cost savings on the project.

In follow up questions on the theme, Councillor Cunningham inquired about the prospects of installing an incinerator disposal unit for the landfill site, asking if the idea was a feasible one, noting that the practice is common in many Europeans cities.

"I asked several months ago about us looking into an incinerator type disposal unit and I never heard back from anyone I don't know if it's feasible or not.  But, it seems that this three million dollars is just the beginning and then in another four or five years were going to have to come up with another whatever for another berm and things like that. I notice that in Europe a lot of countries have incinerator type waste disposal, I know other companies around here have looked at it and there is approved incinerators that can be used. Have we thought of something like that for the future?" -- Councillor Barry Cunningham with some thoughts on waste disposal at the land fill site for the City'd Director of Operations Richard Pucci.

Mr. Cunningham has made the concept of an incinerator an ongoing theme for discussion whenever the landfill site comes up and expanded on some of his thoughts on the proposal last September.

On Monday evening, the councillor was advised that there is a study underway towards that concept by a member of city staff, but that the current need for expansion at the landfill site is a priority for the city at the moment.

Mr. Cunningham was the only member of Council to offer comments or raise questions related to the contract award.

You can review Mr. Pucci's presentation to Council, as well as Mr. Cunningham's questions for the Director of Operations from the City's Video Archive starting at the nine minute, thirty second mark.

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