Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Wheelhouse marks the spot for the North Coast end of the BC Ale Trail for Northern British Columbia

Some of Prince Rupert's favourite beverages get some extra exposure
this summer as Northern BC joins the BC Ale Trail

There has been a lot of celebration of trails of late on the North Coast, the Rushbrook Trail marked its Official opening over the weekend, part of a growing network of trails and walkways that is starting to take shape in the region.

There's another trail of note however, one which travels across Northern BC, blazing a path to some of the craft brewery showrooms found mostly along  the Highway 16 corridor, with Prince Rupert's Wheelhouse Brewing Company hosting the North Coast anchor of the path towards the eight craft brewers found from Quesnel and Valemount to Prince Rupert.

The BC Ale Trail Northern Edition, eight Craft Breweries from
Quesnel and Valemount to Prince Rupert

The Northern route is the latest expansion of the BC Ale Trail project which was created in 2016 to highlight the fast growing craft beer industry in the province, making for a helpful guide for those travelling the province this summer and looking for a taste of the many options now available.

The Northern Route includes the following brewers, which have provided for some significant growth in the craft beer sector and form a fairly close knit collective to share the word on what is proving to be popular blue print for commercial development in many communities.

Valemount -- Three Ranges Brewing
Quensel -- Barkerville Brewing
Prince George -- Cross Roads Brewing
Prince George -- Trench Brewing and Distilling
Smithers -- Bulkley Valley Brewery
Smithers -- Smithers Brewing
Terrace -- Sherwood Mountain Brewing
Prince Rupert -- Wheelhouse Brewing

You can learn more about the Northern BC Ale Trail here, while the established trails from 2016 can be explored here.

Prince Rupert's Wheelhouse Brewing Company, one
of the stops on the Northern BC Ale Trail

Those on the province's Ale trails can also keep up to date on events across the province from the range of BC Ale Trail Social Media options

You Tube

For more notes of interest on the commercial sector in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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