Monday, July 23, 2018

Council to consider contribution for COPD clinic to be created in memory of Nelson Kinney

City Council is considering
a plan to donate some of
Councillor Kinney's unspent
honorarium towards the
fundraising plans for a COPD
Clinic in the community
Fundraising efforts continue in Prince Rupert to help bring a clinic for those with COPD to the community, with plan to name the site after the late City Councillor Nelson Kinney.

We outlined the community effort for the clinic earlier this month, which at that time had found the fundraising having just passing the halfway mark to their goal of 20,000 dollars.

Towards adding to the fundraising totals, Prince Rupert City Council will be approaching its own plans to make a contribution to the fundraising work, with Council tonight set to review a report from Corinne Bomben, the City's Chief Financial Officer who has researched a request from Council members to deliver the unspent portion of the late Mr. Kinney's honorarium to the fundraising efforts.

In the memorandum to Council, Ms. Bomben notes that the request came from the last Closed Council session and from her research, there does not appear to be any legal reason that would preclude the City from making such a donation.

A memorandum for Prince Rupert City council on a proposed donation
to fundraising to a clinic in the name of the late councillor Nelson Kinney
(click to enlarge)

The total value of that unspent honorarium is listed as $8,246.96, which is the full value which Council could donate should they decide to move forward with their plan.

The memorandum from the CFO is included in tonight's Agenda for the only Council session this month, which starts at 5:15 tonight, Council will review the report and make their decision related to the proposed contribution as part of their work this evening.

Mr. Kinney passed away at the age of 77 in March, at their April 9th Council session Prince Rupert council decided to leave his seat empty until this falls municipal election vote.

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