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Blog Watching: Week ending July 23, 2018

Our list of five begins with a review of some tense times in the city marked by a ten hour span on Wednesday, as the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP closed streets around Fifth and McBride and evacuated nearby houses as they dealt with an ongoing standoff, eventually resolving the situation and making an arrest just before 1 PM.

A chance to explore the newly re-opened Rushbrook Trail and lend a hand in cleaning the shoreline between the Rushbrook Float and Seal Cove comes up on Sunday afternoon, with that stretch of the eastern harbour among some of the destinations for the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up.

As the 2018-19 School year edges closer, School District 52 officials are taking care of some of the outstanding personnel decisions, with the announcement of a new Vice Principal now in place at Charles Hays Secondary School.

Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason created quite the buzz last week, with the Globe's publication of an extensive look at a ten year span of BC Liberal history, focusing on a number of controversial themes over the course of the decade.

The City of Prince Rupert began the process of seeking expressions of interest on work required for the Digby Island Ferry, with the vessel scheduled for its annual refit period for the month of April 2019.

However the story which dominated our list of five on the week was through a string of reports on the standoff of Wednesday which found a large police presence in the Fifth and McBride Street area of the city.

Standoff with Police results in blocked streets in Prince Rupert  --  A major police incident dominated much  Wednesday, as the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP was faced with a ten hour stand off in home on Fifth Avenue West. The day wrapped up with the suspect taken into custody just before 1 PM.    (posted July 18, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Rushbrook Trail and east waterfront shoreline, this years focus for Great Canadian Shoreline clean up  -- The newly re-opened Rushbrook trail will be getting the bulk of the attention from volunteers today, with the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up set for a noon hour start at Rushbrook Floats.  (posted July 19, 2018)

SD52 names new Vice Principal for Charles Hays Secondary -- As the school year gets closer, SD52 us filling in some of the gaps in their administrative roster (posted July 20, 2018 )

Politicians, supporters devour Gary Mason article on past Liberal governance   -- Over ten tears of Liberal governance made for a fairly detailed review by Glob and Mail journalist Gary Mason, with his political review of the decade gaining a strong readership last weekend.     (posted July 16, 2018)

City of Prince Rupert seeking proposals for annual refit of Digby Island Ferry    --  With close to fifty years of crossings logged, the city's transportation link to the Prince Rupert Airport is destined for its next maintenance upgrade in 2019.  (posted July 17, 2018)

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