Thursday, July 26, 2018

As heatwave in Terrace continues, RCMP offer advice on pets and vehciles

With Terrace currently in the grip of an extended heat wave, that city's RCMP detachment has provided some advice for motorists who transport their pets in their vehicles, as well as for potential good Samaritans who may fear for animals that they believe are in distress.

A statement from the Terrace RCMP on Wednesday offered up some guidelines for how to report any concerns as well as a reminder of the penalties that are in place for motorists that don't provide proper care for their pets.

Terrace RCMP have provided some guidance when it comes to care
of pets in cars during the current heat wave in the inland region

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Key things for residents to keep in mind should they discover an animal that they believe is in distress include:

Look for the owner of the car. Record the vehicle description and license plate number and go to nearby stores and have the owner paged through the PA system.

Attempt to provide shade or water for the animal. 

Call Animal Control at 250-615-4031.

Stay at the car until the police officer arrives. 

File a report with the BC SPCA online or by calling 1-800-665-1868.

 Call RCMP (250-638-7400) only after attempting to contact Animal Control.

The Terrace animal control bylaw provides some details on the enforcement measures that can be put in motion for such cases.

Putting an animals at risk, also puts pet owners at risk of receiving a $100 fine under Terrace Animal Control Bylaw 1255-1991: 14.7 Animals Confined in Enclosed Spaces. The Bylaw states, ‘No person shall keep an animal confined in an enclosed space, including a motor vehicle, without access to sufficient ventilation to prevent the animal from suffering discomfort or heat related injury.’

The high temperatures arrived in the Inland areas of the North Coast on Monday and the Environment Canada forecast indicates that Terrace will continue to see highs of 30 degrees or more through the weekend, with slightly lower temperature highs expected next week.

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