Monday, July 23, 2018

City of Prince Rupert anticipates estimated income of more than 75 Million in revenues, after Pembina "triggers milestone" from agreement

Shovels in hand, the Mayor, Council members, City Staff and Executives from
Penbima were on site at Watson Island for a milestone announcement for the
proposed Pembina LPG terminal project

(photo from City of Prince Rupert)

The City of Prince Rupert is celebrating some apparent forward momentum in the progress for the proposed Pembina LPG terminal at the Watson Intermodal Trade and Logistics Park, with Pembina announcing an advancement to its development at Watson Island.

“We have been welcomed by the local community and received strong support from the local government. Subject to receiving the necessary regulatory and environmental approvals, Pembina looks forward to advancing the propane export facility project and contributing to the local economy. 

Pembina and the City have been working hard to reach our goals and believe that the City and surrounding communities will benefit for many years, from our approximately $250 million investment and the generation of lease payments and property taxes from future years of safe, reliable operations.

Pembina’s project will generate job opportunities and we are committed to recruiting Prince Rupert area residents as full-time employees during operation and working with our contractors to hire locally for construction workers. The project will create 150-200 construction jobs and 20-30 new, permanent operations positions,” -- Jaret Sprott, Pembina’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Facilities.

In a media release from today, the City of Prince Rupert noted that it anticipates a gross estimated income to the municipality and Legacy of more than $75 million in revenues, including lease payments and property taxes, over the course of the long-term commercial arrangement.

The City notes that a portion of Legacy revenues will be dedicated for reinvestment in remedial activities to ensure the long-term success of the island’s redevelopment.

As the redevelopment of the island proceeds, the City is working to remediate and improve site infrastructure with the financial investment of proponents.

The city also outlined that its work at Watson Island has been acclaimed by the North Central Local Government Association for efforts to bring the former pulp mill site back into industrial use.

The City received the award for Excellence in Economic Development, nominated for developing a creative solution to a complex and difficult local issue – dismantling the former pulp mill and obtaining a new tenant.

On that theme, Mayor Lee Brain paid tribute to the work of City Staff for their work on the remediation project at the industrial site.

“Tackling Watson Island was a challenge, and the fact that it is now being developed again is in no small-part to the hard work of City staff,”  ... "We can now look forward to seeing the site come to life with business – which will generate both tax and lease revenues to support City services and infrastructure improvements.”

You can review more of the city's observations on today's announcement here.

No timeline for the project and benchmarks for its development were provided for as part of today's announcement from Watson Island.

More background on the Pembina terminal project can be reviewed here.

Further notes related to the work of City Council can be found on our Council Discussion page.

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  1. Perhaps the City will disclose its estimates of the costs of the "remedial activities", which will presumably come out of the anticipated $75 million over the life of the project. They must have some idea about what it will cost.

  2. Perhaps you could be happy about this great announcement ya douche

  3. Classy language, hopefully you're not a paid representative of the civic administration. There are some valid questions in the comment above, that the city may wish to outline in the future.