Friday, July 13, 2018

Ridley Island Burn plans make for first step towards Fairview connector road

Debris collected from south of the Fairview Container terminal
on South Kaien Island will be disposed of this month with
the port issuing a Community Burn Notice 

The Prince Rupert Port Authority is making ready its plans for the burning of debris on South Kaien Island facing towards Ridley Island and Port Edward, and as part of their information program have started the process of notifying those who may be affected by the work to take place from mid month on.

Notices have been delivered to homes in the District of Port Edward to advise residents of the plan,which will see materials collected as part of a land clearing project and grubbing from the land to be burned through the month, with a timeline of two weeks to complete, weather dependent.

The material which is described as organic based has been stockpiled on South Kaien Island and at Ridley Island.

In their notice to residents, the Port advised that they are looking to create minimal impact to the community as well as for tenants on Ridley Island.

Should residents have any concerns or questions they can contact the Port at 250-627-5621 or by email at

The extra attention to the notification process comes following a similar burn period last year, which didn't quite go according to plan, delivering a strong impact on Port Edward, an issue that the District Council and residents raised with the Port at the time.

Such was the nature of last years burn and the distress that it caused Port Edward residents, that the Port issued an Apology and Statement related to the incident from July 2017.

Once the area that the material has been collected from has been fully cleared, the Port has plans to move forward with their dedicated private haul road way between Fairview and Ridley Island using the shoreline area to the south of the container port for the route, once complete it will remove a significant amount of the truck traffic that passes through the City of Prince Rupert's downtown core each day.

The Port of Prince Rupert has ambitious plans for South Kaien Island
 and Ridley Island, including a private connecting road
between Fairview Terminal and Ridley Island

The new route will also provide for access to a proposed new Import Logistics Park that the Port of Prince Rupert has plans for on the South side of Mount Hays, as well as an Export Logistics park it is considering for Ridley Island.

As we noted last month, the Fairview-Ridley connector project was one of the key items presented at last months Annual Public Meeting as New President and CEO Shaun Stevenson outlined the path ahead for the project at that time.

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