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Nomination forms available across Northwest for Municipal elections 2018

Across much of Northwest British Columbia, those with an inclination to serve in public office are mulling over their options and making plans to file their papers, with Friday, July 27th having served as the official opening date for those looking to pick up a nomination form for the 2018 Municipal election in October.

A quick scan of the municipal websites for Terrace, Kitimat and Smithers all find Nomination information posted to those portals that notes that the nomination forms are now available and provide for some background information, as well as to offer an outline of the process involved to submit a name for the nomination period which gets underway in September.

The Nomination period is set from September 4 to 14, with the 14th the final day to ensure that a name is included as part of the 2018 electoral process.

Full Information for those communities can be found below:


The election campaigns in the Northwest seem to already be in motion, with incumbents in Smithers and Kitimat declaring their intention to once again seek the positive endorsement of the public at the ballot box.

July 7 -- Bulkley Valley civic candidate update
July 4 -- Phil Germuth to run again for Mayor of Kitimat
July 4 -- Germuth Running for re-election this fall
June 20 -- Smithers Mayor runs again
June 18 -- Taylor Bachrach announces plans for upcoming Municipal election

As well, some would be newcomers have started to indicate their interest in the upcoming election, with the Terrace Mayoralty race gaining a bit of attention last week, as a local comedian was among those who threw his name into the "mix" for the 2018 campaign.

July 28 -- Kool-Aid man to run for Terrace Mayor
July 13 -- Candidate emerges for Terrace Council election
July 13 -- Local Business owner to run For Terrace Council

Elections BC outlined the path ahead in mid July, with this update on the rules and regulations that will take us up to the General Voting Day of October 20th.

So far there are few
notes to be found related
to the October 20th civic
election process through
the range of city
information options
So far the City of Prince Rupert has yet to provide any updates for the public that may be wishing to seek out a seat in Prince Rupert on the Council of Six, or take the challenge of a Mayoralty race to the incumbent Lee Brain.

(Likewise, the District of Port Edward has little information available on its website related to the 2018 election process)

In June of this year, Prince Rupert City council finalized the details for the election process for Prince Rupert, naming Corinne Bomben to the post of Chief Elections Officer, with Anthony Vera to serve as her Deputy.

As of this morning, there was still no indication on the City Website, Municipal App, or City of Prince Rupert Facebook page of nomination for the 2018 Municipal election, or any related information towards the process.

As well, to this point, none of the current members of Prince Rupert City Council have formally announced their plans to run for office in the fall campaign.

If one reads between lines of council related events, there have been some indications over the last six months that many of those currently in office intend to seek re-election when October comes around.

So far however, none of the political Facebook pages for those candidates on Social Media seem to  offer up any notes on any official announcements for the 2018 campaign.

Mayor Lee Brain
Councillor Barry Cunningham
Councillor Blair Mirau

As for any other contenders for office, so far those that may be considering their options for entry for either the Mayoralty race, or to seek a seat on Council seem to be keeping their plans fairly low key.

With the election campaign cycle expected to pick up through the rest of the summer heading to the post Labour Day period, we will track all of the latest developments from the archive pages below.

Decision 2018: Prince Rupert, Port Edward and Haida Gwaii
Decision 2018: North Coast Inland communities

For more notes related to Prince Rupert City Council see our archive page here.

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