Thursday, July 19, 2018

John Horgan, Jennifer Rice celebrate their first year on the government side of the BC Legislature

Premier John Horgan's NDP government has taken a few moments out of rolling out new programs and featuring travelogue shots from their travels around British Columbia to mark their first anniversary of taking on the duties of the Government.

To mark the occasion both the Premier and North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice made note of the milestone of July 18th yesterday,  taking to their social media platforms to highlight some of their travels of the last year,

For the occasion the Premier expanded on the first year by recounting some of their electoral themes that have been acted upon over the 365 days.

For Ms. Rice, it was also an opportunity to recount some of her work, mainly through her efforts when it comes to her Emergency Preparedness tasks as Parliamentary Secretary.

With one year on the clock, the North Coast MLA seemingly senses no concerns that what is still technically a minority government, may face any troubles in the months ahead, noting how she is looking forward to three years of a stable government.

Confident it would appear that the partnership with the Green Party in the Legislature will remain intact for another three years.

For their part, the Greens more or less, let the anniversary pass with little in the way of fanfare, or notice on any of their media distribution options.

Not everyone however is feeling in the festive mood on the first anniversary, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson offered up a rebuttal on the day, listing some of the areas where the Liberals suggest the NDP have neglected to fulfill some of their election promises.

Media observers have also  been marking the one year anniversary through the month and for the most part have been somewhat more generous in their evaluation of the first year for the NDP.

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