Tuesday, July 24, 2018

City's latest Watson Island video provides city's view of the timeline for Pembina LPG terminal work

The City of Prince Rupert has dispatched the film crews to Watson Island once again, this time to provide some video of the work to this point to clear the Watson Island site for future development.

Today's ninety eight second video release follows up on yesterday's announcement from Pembina that outlined what the company called a trigger milestone for their small scale LPG Terminal,  a shipment facility to be placed on the Island as part of the newly rechristened Watson Intermodal Trade and Logistics Park.

Complete with lots of explosions and dust plumes, the video short includes a drone view of the Watson site and offers a glimpse of some of the work that has taken place since the City made the decision to turn the Industrial site into a Logistics Park.

In their announcement of Monday, Pembina noted that subject to receiving regulatory and environmental approvals, Pembina is looking forward to advancing the propane export facility.

And while there has been no update on the status of those regulatory and environmental approvals to this point, the city's video offers up a timeline of sorts, as to how the City views the proposed pace of construction for the project towards its entry into service in 2020.

While remaining structures continue to be disassembled the City advises that construction of the Pembina facility will begin this month, targeting an in service date of mid 2020.

During the construction project it is anticipated that 150 to 200 jobs will be created, with 20 to 30 permanent jobs in place upon completion and entry into service.

The City also makes note that there will be tax and lease revenues generated, though today's video tutorial offers no projections on a timeline and benchmarks for those revenues, nor any indication as to the ongoing cost of the remediation of the Watson site to this point.

You can review yesterday's notes from Pembina here, a wider overview of the Pembina LPG terminal project can be examined here.

Further items related to the Watson Intermodal Trade and Logistics Park can be examined here, while notes of interest from City Council discussions can be reviewed here.

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