Thursday, September 14, 2017

Coast Industrial Construction gains landfill work contract from City

Prince Rupert Council has awarded the
 contract for work on the latest
City landfill project
After reviewing three bids from suppliers, Prince Rupert City Council announced its contract award for work on the Ridley Island land fill site on Monday night, with Coast Industrial Construction the lowest and successful bidder for the expansion project.

Richard Pucci, the City's Director of Operations provided some background for Council members at the Monday session, explaining the bid process that the city took on and the scope of the project ahead.

"As council is aware, the city's landfill is rapidly approaching its maximum capacity, as a result, Council has established expansion as a priority ... the Operations Department has conducted an open tender process that received three compliant tenders. The received tenders were reviewed by the Operations Department and the Engineers of record, Sperling-Hansen, with both recommending to award the contract to the lowest bid from Coast Industrial Construction."

No financial terms related to the bid were released as part of Monday's contract award. The project is included in the 2017 Capital budget and is to be fully funded through the Gas Tax.

The timeline of work would see a start to the project this year with work to be completed next year.

Council put out its request for Bids in August of this year, you can learn more about the project and what will be required from Coast Industrial as they get the project underway from this item of August 9th.

Only one councillor had questions related to the landfill work, with Councillor Cunningham inquiring about a theme he has raised in the past, asking if the Operations Department had explored the possibility of introducing an incinerator to the landfill site, something he suggests would reduce the need for the frequent expansion projects.

"These expenses for a landfill such as we have, I asked several years ago about an incinerator like they use in Europe,  and I never got any answers back. What exactly, roughly is the cost of an incinerator that will create electrical power by the use of it, and you know instead of pouring 15, 16 million dollars every four or five years into a landfill, we have something that in the end is going to generate revenue for the city by having a generating plant attached to it ... I'd like to know the factors on that over short run and a long run"

The Director of Operations did not have any background information on hand to provide to Council towards that question on Monday, but offered to provide a report in the future.

He did note that from past studies that staff had indicated that the North Coast climate was one area of concern related to suitability of any kind of incinerator project.

The awarding of the landfill contract to Coast Industrial Construction, marks the latest large project that the group has been awarded in the region in the last year. CIC has been prominent in a number of Port related projects as well as other initiatives around the region over the last twelve months.

Mr. Pucci's talking points can be reviewed below, starting at the just after the eight minute point.

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