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UBCM Talking Points 2017

It's convention season for BC municipal leaders as the province's elected officials, along with a string of BC government and opposition members prepare to take part in the UBCM convention at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The theme for this years event is Roots to Results and much of the focus will be put towards the increasing engagement between municipal government and the senior levels. The introduction to this years convention outlines where delegates will be directing much of their attention.

This year’s theme considers the increasing leadership of local government in matters of federal and provincial jurisdiction. In areas like climate action, the opioid crisis, and the need for a deeper response to homelessness and housing affordability, local governments are playing a greater role in defining issues and impacting the policy directions of other orders of government. 

The workshops, policy sessions, and presentations throughout Convention will provide a snapshot of the current state of collaboration between orders of government in addressing common issues.

As we head towards convention week, we will offer up items of interest below culled from developments from the gathering overlooking Burrard Inlet set for September 25 to 29.

Items from the blog focused on the North Coast and related to the convention can be found in this archive listed in their own section and, highlighted in red,  our blog contributions to the theme will be marked by our blue NCR icon, allowing you to find them with a quick scan.

Items related to North Coast and Northwest involvement from other media sources will listed below in green typeface.

Notes of interest from other communities will be highlighted in orange .

A look at the Program for the Vancouver event can be found here.

Other resources for the UBCM gathering include a Conference Briefing with updated forum information

As well you can also explore the plans for the Trade Show Exhibitor Showcase and the UBCM Book of Resolutions that will be considered during the course of the five day convention.

Readers of the blog can also find updates on information from UBCM through twitter and the  #UBCM2017 hashtag

North Coast Review notes/Prince Rupert media on UBCM 2017

October 5 -- Prince Rupert calls UBCM conference a success
September 29 -- Wildfire recovery, overdose concerns, economy and housing issues among themes for Premier's UBCM address NCR
September 29 -- Northwest politicians hail progress on Resource Benefit Alliance negotiations  NCR
September 29 -- Premier John Horgan to bring UBCM convention to close with morning address NCR
September 29 -- And the winner is .. Northwest snares one UBCM award on community excellence NCR
September 28 -- UBCM seeks larger discussion on campaign finance reform; but the taxpayers can keep their cash  NCR
September 28 -- Mayors' Climate Leadership Council explore issues at UBCM NCR
September 26 -- Be it Resolved ... Northern BC municipalities bring the discussion topics for UBCM NCR
September 25 -- Water infrastructure top of mind at UBCM
September 25 -- Range of themes on Agenda as municipal leaders gather in Vancouver  NCR
September 25 -- Regional District seeks meetings with five government ministries at UBCM NCR
September 25 -- NDP government appears to cool towards Northwest Resource Benefits calls for increased revenues  NCR
September 23 -- NCRD briefs: less confidence on resource benefit agreement with province
September 22 -- North Coast plans for UBCM (video)
September 22 --  Prince Rupert to send seven person delegation to UBCM next week   NCR


From elsewhere in the Northwest

September 29 -- Northern B.C. leaders secure meeting with Greyhound
September 20 -- Terrace City Council joins others for fight against Greyhound


From Around British Columbia

September 30 -- B.C.'s overdose crisis may be 'new normal', no matter what politicians say

September 29 -- Province to spend $66M on 600 Vancouver modular housing units
September 29 -- Premier Horgan announces the construction of 2,000 modular housing units in B.C.
September 29 -- Housing the homeless
September 29 -- Crisis fund to tackle ODs
September 29 -- Five things the B.C. government has promised to address overdose crisis
September 29 -- B.C. announces province-wide overdose-crisis action
September 29 -- B.C. will meet legal pot deadline: Horgan
September 29 -- New housing units for homeless to be ready as early as 2018
September 29 -- B.C. funding rapid-access treatment, public safety to address overdose crisis
September 29 -- Premier John Horgan cracks jokes, promises help at UBCM
September 29 -- Premier Horgan pledges overdose support, housing at UBCM
September 29 -- Northern B.C. leaders secure meeting with Greyhound
September 29 -- UBCM passes Greyhound Bus resolution
September 29 -- B.C. announces policing measures to combat fentanyl trafficking
September 29 -- Province kicks in $50K to woo Amazon to Metro Vancouver
September 29 -- John Horgan announces more money to combat B.C.'s overdose crisis
September 29 -- B.C. government to make it easier for 1st responders to make PTSD claims
September 29 -- B.C. to increase treatment and public safety programs to address overdose crisis
September 29 -- Delegates pass resolution opposing Greyhound bus service cuts
September 29 -- B.C. government adds $50K to effort to win Amazon's new headquarters
September 29 -- UBCM delegates vote against contract with Martin Mars owner
September 29 -- UBCM endorses Victoria's resolution to tax empty homes
September 29 -- UBCM: Oak Bay, Victoria team up to gain municipal campaign finance reform support
September 29 -- Province backs Metro Vancouver bid for new Amazon headquarters
September 29 -- Transportation top of mind for Greater Victoria at UBCM conference
September 29 -- Municipal leaders back West Kelowna bid for photo radar
September 29 -- Province to spend $66M on 600 Vancouver modular housing units
September 29 -- Premier Horgan puts bucks behind bid for Amazon's HQ2
September 29 -- B.C. announces province-wide overdose-crisis action
September 29 -- Vancouver gets $66 million for 600 modular homes

September 28 -- PG Mayor makes two presentations at UBCM Convention
September 28 -- B.C. municipalities want political fundraising reform ahead of 2018 local elections
September 28 -- B.C. municipalities call for campaign finance reform in local politics
September 28 -- Municipal politicians vote in favour of election finance reform
September 28 -- Local governments seek fundraising changes ahead of 2018 election
September 28 -- UBCM calls for national strategy on abandoned boats
September 28 -- 'Exploding' marijuana industry threatens B.C. farmland
September 28 -- Councillor and other local government officials tell of increasing harassment
September 28 -- Coleman calls for courage on mental illness
September 28 -- Future of Martin Mars could be decided with UBCM vote, Port Alberni Mayor says
September 28 -- Methane sniffing drone demonstration today at UBCM
September 28 -- Kimberly Mayor advocates for solar farms at UBCM

September 27 -- Motion to ban corporate and union donations in civic elections stumbles
September 27 -- Andrew Weaver calls for reform of local government
September 27 -- Powell River region representatives attend Union of BC Municipalities convention
September 27 -- Logging, electric ferries and more on the table at UBCM
September 27 -- Nanaimo's mayor pleased with progress on pot at UBCM
September 27 -- Kamloops Council talk wildfires, affordable housing and needles at UBCM
September 27 -- Prince George Mayor shares crisis expertise at UBCM panel
September 27 -- Mayor Lyn Hall speaks at Union of BC Municipalities convention
September 27 -- Prince George mayor shares expertise at UBCM panel
September 27 -- Critics raise questions about China's reception for B.C. municipal leaders
September 27 -- B.C. transportation minister not committing to ride hailing legislation anytime soon
September 27 -- High on the Agenda: Delta Mayor champions produce over pot at UBCM
September 27 -- Housing expert questions Vancouver council candidate's mansion tax
September 27 -- Squamish politicians push for transit linking town to Metro Vancouver
September 27 -- Move to limit campaign donations fails to gain support at UBCM
September 27 -- Rising harassment of civic leaders linked to Social media
September 27 -- Penticton Fire Chief calls for drug consumption site, needle exchange program to combat drug epidemic
September 27 -- B.C. addictions minister Judy Darcy tells frustrated UBCM crowd the province is redoubling efforts on fentanyl
September 27 -- B.C. government promises to work with municipalities to reduce homelessness
September 27 -- Horgan expected to commit to 'an action' on homelessness

September 26 -- Leadership during crisis - PG takes Centre Stage
September 26 -- Penticton pushing policing mental health at UBCM
September 26 -- Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall speaks at Union of BC Municipalities conference
September 26 -- Kamloops council talks pots, housing at UBCM convention
September 26 -- Addictions top of mind at UBCM
September 26 -- Mayor hopes to elicit help with housing
September 26 -- 10 resolutions at this week's big B.C. municipal conference you may not know about
September 26 -- Bad behaviour from public on the rise in B.C. Civic politics

September 25 -- Calming demand, not adding supply, answer to Vancouver housing woes: experts
September 25 -- Fort St. John city officials have busy week at UBCM conference
September 25 -- Municipal leaders gather in Vancouver for first UBCM convention since NDP took power
September 25 -- Kelowna mayor to bring water and homelessness concerns to UBCM
September 25 -- Penticton City council to take aim at social issues at provincial municipalities conference
September 25 -- Solicitor General announces public engagement of cannabis legalization in B.C.
September 25 -- Experts take on B.C.'s housing affordability crisis at annual UBCM
September 25 -- Five don't miss clinics, sessions and seminars at this week's UBCM conference
September 25 -- B.C. municipalities eager for finance-reform breakthrough under new government
September 25 -- Maple Ridge wants Narcan kits in B.C. Schools
September 25 -- Ministry of Justice should fund rape kits, city council proposes
September 25 -- UBCM Convention starts today
September 25 -- Krause ready to end role as President of UBCM

September 24 -- Prince George Mayor, almost 2,000 delegates attending UBCM convention this week
September 24 -- B.C. municipalities eager for finance reform breakthrough under new government
September 24 -- Weeds needs: B.C. Almanac broadcast talks pot with municipal leaders live from UBCM convention
September 24 -- Legal cannabis tops packed agenda at annual meeting of B.C.'s municipal leaders
September 24 -- Pressure builds for big money ban in civic elections
September 24 -- B.C. mayors, councillors eye annual convention as chance to engage with NDP government
September 24 -- Kamloops council taking many issues to UBCM convention
September 24 -- B.C. municipalities eager for finance reform breakthrough under new government

September 23 -- RDFFG Looking for Wildfire Mitigation Grants from Province
September 23 -- Peace region delegations ignored at UBCM?

September 22 -- FFG Regional District seeks wildfire Prevention funding
September 22 -- Prince George officials gear up for UBCM
September 22 -- Wildfire questions loom as 2017 UBCM convention nears
September 22 -- Kimberly contingent off to UBCM

September 21 -- Radium Council addresses transportation concerns
September 21 -- North Shore Mayors ask for policy change to clear minor accidents faster
September 21 -- Marijuana regulation, derelict boats major topics at upcoming UBCM
September 21 -- Vanderhoof Mayor wants to know when trains carry hazardous goods through his town
September 21 -- Don't flush just yet: the throne speech
September 21 -- Whistler gears up for UBCM
September 21 -- Chilliwack asking provinces to regulate drug recovery homes via UBCM
September 21 -- Police and library funding of interest to Trail at UBCM

September 20 -- Grand Forks council heads to UBCM
September 20 -- Get minor accidents cleared faster from roadways, province told
September 20 -- City of North Van council rejects ban on corporate, union donations
September 20 -- Acting Mayor taking Kamloops drug issue to UBCM
September 20 -- Saanich Peninsula Politicians won't talk amalgamation at UBCM

September 19 -- Meetings planned to talk about Greyhound Service Cuts
September 19 -- Housing issues pressing for NDP government
September 19 -- Abolition of daylight saving time proposed at convention of B.C. municipalities
September 19 -- BC municipalities to vote on resolution asking for input on provincial cannabis-legalization
September 19 -- BC cities want more money, and more talk, on legal pot
September 19 -- Victoria area politicians ask BC government for campaign donation reform
September 19 -- Osoyoos Council heads to UBCM with long wish list

September 18 -- Prince George Mayor looks for support for late resolution ...
September 18 -- Prince George resolution to keep Inter-City Bus service will go to UBCM
September 18 -- Prince George Council wants to see Greyhound to continue full service in Northern BC
September 18 -- Kamloops working with agencies to deal with concern about drugs, other issues
September 18 -- B.C. municipalities call on province to reverse cuts on funding for public libraries
September 18 -- City of Prince George, RD sign transit agreement
September 18 -- Sooke politicians eye fish debate at UBCM

September 16 -- Wildfire recovery plans and prevention discussed
September 16 -- UBCM recognizes Cumberland as carbon-neutral community

September 15 -- Cities deserve a voice in marijuana legalization process, Vancouver Councillor says
September 15 -- Fort Langley-Aldergrove MLA one of featured speakers at UBCM

September 13 -- Petition pans bridge proposal
September 13 -- Nanaimo council moves forward with resolution about three year terms

September 12 -- Chinese Government woos local politicians with UBCM event

Other items related to UBCM, as well as the work of provincial and municipal officials can be reviewed on our political Portal D'Arcy McGee

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