Friday, September 15, 2017

Passenger Transportation Board opens Comment period on Greyhound route cut application

BC's Passenger Transportation Board makes it official,
Greyhound application to end service now listed and
available for comment

Greyhound Bus Line (and concerned residents of the Northwest) are now on the clock at the province's Passenger Transportation Board, with the regulatory body publishing the inter city bus line's application to cease service on a number of routes across the province, including much of Northern BC.

The application was posted to the PTB website on September 13th and provides the full listing of all routes that Greyhound is looking to shut down. (click to expand)

Included in the information flow from the Board is a short synopsis as to how the process works and what the PTB is looking for in the way of submissions.

What is required of those looking to make a submission is also reviewed, with the PTB explaining how each submission is to be provided to the Board in writing. 

When it comes to the Greyhound application process, the usual requirement of a fifty dollar submission fee has been removed by the PTB.

You can review more of the guidelines and where to direct your submission here.

In the case of the Greyhound application, the deadline for submissions to the process is October 13th.

Ever since the first hints of Greyhounds plans became public, a number of community groups, politicians and residents of the region have expressed their concern at the plan to eliminate bus transportation along the Highway 16 corridor.

At City Council's Monday session, Mayor Brain outlined the city's response to the issue to this point, noting that he was awaiting a return phone call from the bus line. The Mayor also advised that he had been in contact with British Columbia's Transportation Minister Claire Trevena and that council was monitoring the issue closely.

Council voted to forward a letter of concern to both the Minister and Greyhound as part of their Monday session.

For more background on the controversial quest to shut down Greyhound's bus service across Northern BC see our Highway 16 Transportation archive.


  1. It was good that councillor Randhawa pushed for writing a letter rather than just leaving the issue as a 'provincial matter' not requiring any civic action, which seems to be the Mayor's preference. It's unfortunate though that the City will be writing to the minister when it's the Passenger Transportation Board that will be making the decision.

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