Monday, September 25, 2017

Conservation Services set bear trap in Omenica/Sloan area of the city

Prince Rupert's Bear Tracker Map has noted ten sightings since it was created

For the last week or so, the Conservation Service of British Columbia has been looking to lure a wandering bear in the city into a trap, with Conservation Officers having returned to the city at mid month to place the trap in the Omenica/Sloan section of the city.

That trap is response to a number of ongoing sightings reported to the Terrace based service and some close encounters that have made for a growing list of entries on community Facebook pages.

Last week, the City of Prince Rupert made note of the trap through a post to the Civic Facebook page.

In addition to the trap, the Conservation Service has provided some guidelines for residents to try and reduce the number of attractants for bears, who are now preparing for their annual hibernation cycle of the fall and winter months.

As we've outlined over the last few months, a stream of Facebook reports began to come in from the city's Southwest side in the early summer, with one local resident creating a Bear Tracking map to help those in the area to track the movements of the inquisitive Urusus.

With a bear on the loose, a Rupert resident creates a Bear Tracker
Bear reports from City's west side bring Conservation Service to town

The Conservation Officers recently had some success in tracking down a Keromode Bear that had taken to exploring some of the residential areas of Terrace, last week they successful tranquilized and removed that bear back to the wild.

Kermode Bear captured near Terrace (video)
Kermode Bear trapped in Terrace and relocated
Kermode bear still lingering around Terrace
Kermode prowls (video)

More notes related to Emergency Service Responders in the region can be found on our archive page.

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