Thursday, September 14, 2017

Councillor Cunningham seeks answers on city parking policies

City Parking issues were on the mind
of Councillor Cunningham Monday
The approach that the City takes to collecting Parking Permits from local business owners and residents made for a few short observations at Monday's City Council session, as Councillor Barry Cunningham inquired as to the current status of the Parking Fund and other issues related to how the City handles parking issues in the community

At the end of Monday's session Councillor Cunningham raised some questions for Council on the theme, asking for an explanation as to how much money is in the parking fund and how much has been collected through the years that the city has had the fund in place.

Beyond the financial contribution that the fund provides for the City, Mr. Cunningham also focused on the city's parking permit process,with the councillor asking Council to examine how they are charging business owners for their parking places, collecting revenue from those permits but not developing any kind of expanded parking for the community.

As part of his notes on the theme, the councillor noted that some business owners who have purchased a number of parking spots are finding that they and their staff are having to park further and further from their business and in some cases have received parking fines from the city.

"I would like Council to look into the fact that if you buy x number of parking tickets (places), you might get one or two or three stickers or something, to exempt you from parking fines, because you've already paid for x number of parking places and the city has been taking this money over the years and still hasn't come up with any parkades, or parking lots or anything yet ... I think that if you are taking a person's money to supply them with something and not supplying it and then fining them for not even supplying it, I think it's something we should look at "

Parking Permits and how the City approaches the issue was a topic
of concern for Councillor Barry Cunningham at Monday's Council meeting
He asked that Council give some thought to the issue, Council members offered no indication as to any kind of timeline as to when staff should provide the information requested.

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