Friday, September 22, 2017

BC Transit invests over 1.6 million dollars in new buses for Prince Rupert/Port Edward

Representatives of BC Transit,  as well as the City of Prince Rupert and
District of Port Edward celebrated the introduction of five new buses
for service on routes on the North Coast

(photo from BC Transit twitter feed)

Some new rides are on the way for the North Coast as BC Transit rolled out one of what will eventually be five new buses to provide transit on runs in Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

The first of the five bus order comes from the Vicinity bus program at Aldergrove's Grande West Transportation International North coast riders will see three of the new 30 foot buses arrive this fall, followed by two new 35 foot buses in 2018.

Each of the 30-foot Vicinity buses can seat 24 passengers with room for another 20 standees. ]

The 35-foot Vicinity buses can seat 30 passengers with room for another 24 standees.

In both models, there is also space for two mobility aids. The new buses are equipped with two doors for more efficient operation and easier access on and off the bus by customers.

The cost of the 30 foot buses is approximately $319,000, while the 35 foot models cost $347,000.

The new buses will also have active closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to improve the safety of our customers and drivers.

That follows a program of introducing the cameras to other communities in the province, you can learn more about the camera installation program here.

The funding for the BC Transit upgrade for the region is part of shared federal/provincial funding announced in June of 2016

The politicians were lined up like commuters at a bus stop today, ready to offer commentary on the new bus acquisition for the North Coast. Among those offering up observations were Mayor Lee Brain, MLA Jennifer Rice and Transportation Minister Claire Trevena.

“We are happy to be included as part of this initiative to renew buses throughout BC,” ... “These new buses represent safer and more accessible transit for our community, and will improve overall user experience.”  -- Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain

 “The communities of Prince Rupert and Port Edward welcome these new buses with enthusiasm,” ... “Modernizing our fleet to make taking public transit a safer option with added comfort will help make choosing transit a viable option for more residents.” -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice

 “Our government is committed to investing in transit – it makes services accessible and life more affordable for British Columbians," ... “We anticipate the inclusion of CCTV cameras on these buses will improve the safety of everyone on board.” -- Hon. Claire Trevena -- BC Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire Trevena

The new buses will replace the existing stock currently in service in the community, part of a province wide replacement program currently underway

More background on the introduction of the new buses for Prince Rupert and Port Edward Transit can be reviewed here.

Today's announcement in Prince Rupert follows a similar announcement for Terrace and Kitimat, in addition to  eight new buses for in town transit systems, Two buses will be allocated towards the new highway shuttle service recently introduced to the community.

More notes on transportation on the Highway 16 corridor can be found here.

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