Thursday, September 21, 2017

Prince Rupert Library to host speakers session with author Monique Gray Smith

A public reading is on the community agenda for tonight at the Prince Rupert Library as author Monique Gray Smith takes those in attendance through some of her past works which features themes of children and youth and how to build on generosity and resilience.

The author who is in town today for a workshop sponsored by Prince Rupert's Success by Six Program has penned a number of books on those topics and she will explore them further at the day long workshop, as well as at tonight's reading at the Library which is free to the public.

Her presentation for the workshop today is described as a session that will be both engaging and educational, with a focus directed towards everyone and anyone who works with Aboriginal Children, youth and families.

Ms. Gray Smith is a widely sought out speaker and consultant who is part of an organization called Little Drum Consulting

To introduce readers to some of her published works, she posted a video a few years ago that outlined the backtgound to her book Tilly: a Story of Hope and Resilience.

She has also participated in a TED Talks feature in Langley in 2015,  that presentation offers a glimpse to some her engagement on the issues she brings to life in her workshops.

A complete list of her books and more background on her career and experiences can be found here.

Tonight's reading takes place at 7 PM in the Multi Purpose room at the Sixth Avenue West library.

You can find out more about this evenings event from the Prince Rupert Library website and Facebook page

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