Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Regional District outlines emergency alert system for Haida Gwaii

The heavy rains that hit Kitimat over the weekend serve as a reminder for us all that the active storm season of the fall is just ahead for residents of the North Coast and Haida Gwaii.

And for the folks living on the Islands of Haida Gwaii, who often are the first to bear the brunt of many of those intesnse storms, the North Coast Regional District has introduced an alert system for residents to subscribe to, in order to access the latest in emergency information.

It's an initiative that will offer up emergency information should such incidents as severe storms, earthquakes or tsunami situations, as wall as a range of other potential incidents develop and bring an impact to Island communities.

In a notice posted to the Regional District Website, District officials note the importance of information sharing and outline how the ePACT network that serves communities on Haida Gwaii will be used to send alerts and updates by phone, text or email messages to registered contacts in those communities affected by any incident.

Those living in the vicinity of the communities listed can participate in the program simply by adding their name to the contact list, the checklist for the service looks as follows:

Lawn Hill
Old Massett
Port Clements
Queen Charlotte
Regional District/other 
Tow Hill

Registration for the service is required and there is no cost to those on Haida Gwaii to do so.

Some background information on the ePACT network on
Haida Gwaii and how to access it

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You can learn more about the program from the North Coast Regional District website.

Those interested in registering for the service can do so here.

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