Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall debut for MLA Rice puts focus on Forest Fire Response and Emergency Preparedness

If politics were to use baseball terms, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice had the lead off position on Monday at the Legislature, as the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness opened the first day of work with an update on the Fire Response underway in British Columbia's interior.

Her debut at the Legislature in her new position went well, with Ms. Rice providing an update to the legislature on the forest fire efforts and making a call for British Columbians to continue to make preparations for when such disasters can occur.

When it came time for the opposition Liberals to take to the floor with questions on the fire response by the new government, there were none to be directed her way later in the Question Period portion of the day's proceedings.

Something however that wasn't the case for Doug Donaldson, the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. .

For the opening Question Period of the fall session, the Opposition Liberals took their many concerns on issues related to the ongoing fire efforts in the Interior directly to Minister Doug Donaldson, who found himself in the spotlight for much of that first Question Period.

The Minister faced a number of questions from the opposition Liberals related to unpaid bills to service providers in the fire zones and inquiries as to what plans the government has to provide assistance to those affected by the summer long fire situation.

Such was the pace of questions directed towards the Minister that the fire response issue dominated the bulk of the opening Question Period for the fall.

You can review the back and forth between the Liberal opposition and Mr. Donaldson from the Video Archive from the Legislature for Monday afternoon.

The Question Period focus on the forest fires starts just after the 2:03 PM portion of the afternoon session.

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