Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Take A Hike! And learn more about Tsunami preparation today

Prince Rupert residents looking to learn more about how the community is preparing for any potential threat of Tsunami are invited to take part in a cross town stroll this afternoon as organizers of the High Ground Hike prepare to take participants on the walk from Kwinitsa station on the Prince Rupert waterfront to high ground and the city's emergency muster station of the Civic Centre.

The Hike which is scheduled to start at 1:30 will also help to raise awareness for the Emergency Preparedness Fair which will be taking place today at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre taking place through the day and into the evening when it wraps up at 7PM.

It's a nice day for a stroll and organizers invite you along for today's
High Ground Hike to take place at 1:30 PM from Kwinitsa Station on
the Prince Rupert waterfront to the Civic Centre

We outlined some of the plans for the Hike earlier this month, providing some links as well for emergency preparedness planning for around the home, school or office, you can explore those notes here.

The High Ground Hike comes along just as the City of Prince Rupert has received the findings of a study into the Risk of Tsunami for the region.

Last night's City Council session featured a presentation from the authors of the Study, who provided for an extensive overview of their work for the council members. It will be available for viewing by the public once the City of Prince Rupert has posted the video of Monday's May 28th Council session to their YouTube page.

Their findings will also be available as part of the Emergency Preparedness Fair taking place at the Civic Centre today.

More background on the High Ground Hike and Emergency Preparedness Fair can be found from the Facebook page created for the event.

For notes related to past seismic events and tsunami concerns see our archive page here.

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