Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What Challenges do RCMP members in Prince Rupert face on long weekends? Councillor Adey would like to hear

Councillor Nick Adey offered up some comments on the challenges of
policing in the Northwest at Monday's Council session

As Monday's City Council session was wrapping up Councillor Nick Adey raised a topic for potential future consideration by his fellow council members, that of exploring further some of the challenges faced by the local detachment of the RCMP.

Calling attention to incidents in Terrace over the most recent May long weekend, (something we put some focus on with a blog item on May 23rd), the city councillor recounted some of his own experiences at Lakelse park that weekend and then wondered aloud for Council, as to what kind of challenges the local Prince Rupert detachment may have faced during that period of time.

"I was in Terrace, I was actually at Lakelse on May long weekend, so I was struck by the speed of some of the quads and some of the activities that were going on. And then just after that a news article came out about the RCMP's experience of that in the Lakelse area and how difficult that was for them. 

And I guess I just have a question, that maybe we could pursue an answer to.  And that is what does that look like closer to home, in terms of the challenges facing police on a May long weekend here, I don't know the answer to that, so I'm simply asking"

Unlike some of the other communities in the Northwest such as Terrace or Kitimat, for whatever
reason Prince Rupert City Council does not include an RCMP report, or regular presentation to council as part of their council proceedings.

Rarely it seems inviting the detachment head to speak at Council to review any issues or concerns that may be related to policing in the community.

As we've noted often in the past, Councillor Barry Cunningham has frequently called for Council to make better use of it's Committee of the Whole process to invite service providers, community group representatives and city department heads to make presentations to council, but so far, Council has not followed up on that request with any particular zeal.

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