Friday, May 17, 2019

City looks to lease Seal Cove area land to Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society

If all the details fall into place the Gitmaxmaka'ay Nisga'a Society in
Prince Rupert/Port Edward will be leasing some land from the City
adjacent to their Rupert Lawn and Garden location

The City of Prince Rupert is in the process of leasing off some of the municipality's land on the East Side of the city, with the Gitmaxmaka'ay Nisga'a Prince Rupert/Port Edward Society seeking to take on a section of land due south of the existing Garden Centre.

The City's advisory on the proposed arrangement notes that the proposed lease would be for a term of one year and subject to review every calendar year, the proposed cost of the rent for the property is listed at $1,228.50 per month, an amount the city notes is considered the fair market value.

The property to be leased by the City is directly adjacent to the
Rupert Lawn and Garden location on Bellis Road at Seal Cove

(map from City of PR)

The Gitmaxmaka'ay Nisga'a Society has not as of yet outlined what plans that they may have for the land that will be leased from the City.

Those with an interest in the leasing plans can view the full proposed lease at City Hall during business hours, should anyone have questions related to the City's plan to lease the property they can contact Corinne Bomben, the City's Financial Officer at 250-627-0934.

It's anticipated that all the details related to the leasing arrangement will be completed by May 24th.

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