Monday, May 27, 2019

Council members to hear recommendation for Child Care Assessment study at tonight's Council session

The path ahead for the City of Prince Rupert's Child Care Assessment project will be outlined for City Councillors at this evening's Council session, with Communications Manager Veronika Stewart set to recommend the awarding of the contract to conduct the research.

City staff received 9 proposals for the project and from their review of the applications,  they have determined that Watson Projects from Smithers best offers what the city hopes to achieve from the work ahead, the final points in their favour that of local knowledge and experience.

The call for bids for work was issued in April of this year, following the announcement of the funding for the studies in the Northwest from the Provincial government.

City Council first considered the the prospect of taking part in the proposed study back in December, when Mayor Lee Brain introduced the topic for council's consideration.

The proposed cost of the work from the Smithers group is listed at $24,730, the grant award funding for the project from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities was announced earlier this year at $24,750.

The main scope of the work ahead will be to determine the existing service levels available in the community and to highlight where there are areas for improvement.

The original terms of reference from the Request for
Bids for the Prince Rupert Child Care study

You can review the full report to be delivered to Council this evening below.

Following Ms. Stewart's presentation, City Council members will then decide whether to accept the recommendation for the contract award.

Communication's Manager Veronika Stewart will deliver
 a report to Council to night with recommendations for a contract
award for a Child Care Study in Prince Rupert

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