Saturday, May 25, 2019

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP select Taylor Bachrach to lead them into the fall election

Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach addressing the NDP faithful in Thornhill
on Saturday afternoon, having claimed the nomination
for Skeena-Bulkley Valley on just one ballot
(photo fro S-BV NDP Facebook feed)

"We have so much to fight for in Skeena-Bulkley Valley, the Northwest is such a rich and important part of the world, I see my role as a candidate and hopefully as your MP being to help translate for the rest of Canada what this place is about and what it means. And I can't do that by myself, because I only know a small part of it, I need you to help me with that process of letting people in Ottawa and letting people all across Canada understand the heart and soul of Northwestern BC" -- From Taylor Bachrach's acceptance speech at Saturday's NDP nomination meeting 

After a two month campaign of visits to communities along the Highway 16 corridor, the four candidates awaited their fate in Thornhill this afternoon, as the final balloting for the NDP in Skeena-Bulkley Valley delivered the candidate to lead the party faithful towards the October election.

With but one ballot required, Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach claimed the nomination, receiving the endorsement of 446 voters of the party, the next closest challenger was Anita McPhee who received the vote of 191 NDP members .

Rounding out the four that were in the race, were Greg Brown who received 151 votes on the day, while Amanda Ramsey gained nine votes, voting took place by mail in ballot, online balloting on Friday and the paper count at the Northwest Trades and Employment Training Centre in Thornhill.

In his comments, Bachrach paid tribute to the members of the party across the region who shared their comments and concerns with him through the two months of the nomination process.

He recounted some of his past election campaigns first in Telkwa, then in Smithers, while thanking his family and those on his team that helped him through the campaign.

He also hailed the hard work of the three other candidates in the race, first noting his long association with  Mr. Brown in Smithers, as well, he called on Ms. McPhee and Ms. Ramsey to help during the upcoming election campaign.

The new nominee also pointed out the work of many that were involved in the process, both on his team and as part of the party during the last two months to make for a successful nomination period.

Turning to the upcoming federal election campaign, Mr. Bachrach observed how the party has to get to work to keep the riding in NDP hands, celebrating the fifteen years of leadership from the outgoing MP Nathan Cullen, while preparing the delegates to the nomination meeting for the work ahead.

The Skeena Bulkley Valley NDP posted a video of the final announcement and the comments of the successful candidate Mr. Bachrach.

The newly nominated NDP candidate joins two other declared contenders for the fall election to this point, with the Conservatives having selected Claire Rattée earlier this year, while the Christian Heritage Party will once again send Rod Taylor into the electoral battle.

So far the Liberal Party and Green Party have not indicated who their candidates will be, nor have the range of smaller parties that usually make an entrance during the election campaign, mainly to raise awareness of any number of issues.

You can keep up to date on the path towards the fall vote from our archive page here.

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