Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Coast Mountain College looks to "unravel the mystery" of local government with September course

Coast Mountain College is offering a Local Government
course in September in Prince Rupert

For those who follow the work of local government, watching a City Council session on planning issues at times can be a rather mysterious thing to behold and at times endure.

The calls for sustainable planning, zoning requirements, various land use regulations ... all of it at times presented as though our elected officials and staff members are speaking Esperanto.

The main theme of the presentation seemingly that of, they know what they're talking about, even if the audience in the gallery, or those at home may be somewhat in the dark or just a bit confused by it all.

What's it all mean Zeno? Coast Mountain College is offering a
one night course on understanding land use regulations in September

To help make it all much easier to understand, Coast Mountain College has announced plans for a one day course in Local Government Land Use Regulations, set for September 30th from 6 to 10 PM at the Prince Rupert Campus.

The course is described as one which will unravel the mystery of local government land use regulations. As well as to offer the opportunity to learn about zoning, official community plans, development permits, subdivisions and the history of municipal planning.

For Developers the program offers a chance to learn how to take an idea to the final product with an emphasis on land use regulations.

The cost for one night primer on local government has been set at $158

Contact Dawn Blake at Coast Mountain College in Prince Rupert for more background on the course, details on how to register for it can be explored here.

More notes on course offerings and other items of interest from Coast Mountain College can be reviewed here.

Some background on the work of City Council on such things as zoning, land use and much more can be found from our Redesign Rupert/Sustainable City archive as well as our Council Discussion archive page here.

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