Monday, May 13, 2019

City of Prince Rupert/Northern Health seek volunteers for home water quality testing

Just a few months removed from the City's long running Boil Water Order ( four month long odyssey that came as a result of false positive in December, with the water deemed safe to drink again in March)  the City of Prince Rupert and Northern Health are embarking on a project to help residents gain a better understanding of the water quality in our homes.

As part of their work on the project, the City/Northern Health is looking for up to 75 households willing to participate in a free water quality testing program, designed to test for metal contaminants in the home water supply of those who sign up.

The Home testing program, which is being  hosted by the City's Rupert Talks initiative, includes more background on the city's water focus, with Hans Seidemann, he Manager of Community Development and Veronika Stewart, Communications Manager for the City of Prince Rupert coordinating the study from the city's side of the project.

Included on the information page for the project, is the city's library of past reports on water quality, notes on home based lead in the water and some of the city's past videos on their plans for the water supply.

You can review more of their presentation for the study, as well as to sign up if interested, from this link to the Rupert Talks page.

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