Monday, March 4, 2019

Call for comments on Clarity Cannabis licence consultation ends March 14th

A storefront location in the 500 block of Third Avenue west
is the latest spot for a retail cannabis sales location in the city

The latest of potential retail sites for cannabis sales in the city has been identified for the 500 block of Third Avenue West, with Clarity Cannabis investigating a space for its proposed retail establishment in the downtown area.

The process of their application requires that the city consult the public towards comments related to the application and the city has launched that commentary period with a deadline for contributions set for March 14th.

The Clarity application proposes hours of operation that will not fall outside of the 9 AM to 11 PM time frame.

The location of the latest hopeful for entry into Prince Rupert's still developing cannabis retail industry falls within the city's designated area for cannabis sales.

Those residents in the community who wish to make their views know about the Clarity Cannabis application can forward their comments to the Corporate Administrator, City of Prince Rupert, 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert BC V8J 1L7.

You can also email you contribution to the process directing your comments to

The Clarity Cannabis application is the second to make it to the comment process, with an application from High Culture for Park Avenue having moved along the rather circuitous route towards approval,.

The High Culture application most recently gained a review at Council and now moves on towards final consideration of the response to the referral.

Another application from Hive Cannabis was originally destined for Third Avenue at Ninth Street, but has since been pulled by the applicant before the process moved forward.

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