Friday, December 20, 2019

City of Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue launches Facebook page highlighting firefighting work and community engagement

The City's Fire/Rescue department has launched a new social media page, as they look to introduce the community to those who answer the bell when calls of assistance come in.

Making use of the City of Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Facebook page the PRFD provides snapshots of those who work the fires, as well as a range of community notes and tips.

The initiative got its start earlier this fall, as the Fire fighters rolled out the new stream of information for the community, highlighting  both some of the working fires that they have tackled in recent weeks, as well as some of the community events that they have been part of.

The online features also include a look at some of the apparatus that the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Department has, as well as some of their training work to sharpen skills.

The First of the city's Fire fighters to be profiled is Derek Kormendy, with other members of the Department to be presented in the weeks and months to come.

The new social media stream also features some timely notes on the need for safety around the Christmas and NewYear period, with a note on a home escape plan and the importance of keeping your Christmas trees watered through the holiday period.

The new initiative is a welcome addition to the information flow in the community and serves to provide some background on the work of the Fire/Rescue department in the community.

You can follow along with the Department from their new home on Facebook here.

For a look at some of the work of Emergency Responders across the NorthWest see our archive page here.

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