Monday, December 30, 2019

Recently introduced Shuttle Service to Terrace suspends operations

A notice on the SG Shuttle website indicates that the service has been suspended
due to technical issues until February 1st or until further notice
(photo from SG shuttle Facebook)

See update at bottom of page

Those who may have booked a trip, or were planning to book a trip to Terrace or the Terrace Airport through SG Shuttle are looking for different travel arrangements these days, that with a short announcement on the transportation company's website indicating that it has suspended service until February 1st or further notice.

The short note which pops up when you look to the SG Shuttle website to book a trip advises that the suspension is due to technical issues, but does not go into much detail related to what is behind the decision to discontinue the service for the period indicated.

The service which was launched in September offered two trips a day to Terrace and offered a transit to the Northwest Regional Airport and the wider listings of flight options offered through that airport.

Update: In an email to the North Coast Review, SG Shuttle noted that they expect to be back to their scheduled runs before February 1st, as well as to note that they are still offering a Ski Shuttle to and from Shames Mountain.

You can access more information on both the regular service and that of the new Shuttle to Shames by calling 1 778 668 7180 or by dropping into their Highliner Inn offices.

For more notes on transportation along the highway 16 corridor see our archive page here.

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