Monday, December 30, 2019

Polar Bear Swimmers make plans for New Year's Day dip with Prince Rupert Rotary

It's pretty quiet today at Rushbrook Floats, but come January 1st, the
entry to the harbour could see a few of the more daring of Rupert and area
residents taking to the water in the annual Rotary Club Polar Bear Swim

The chance to clear some of the excesses of New Years Eve, or start the New Year with gust of fresh air and splash of cold water will arrive at 1 PM at the Rushbrook Boat Launch on January 1st! 

That as the bravest of the brave join the Prince Rupert's Rotary Club as it hosts the annual Polar Bear Swim on the city's east side.

The event, which is one of a number of community activities sponsored by the Rotarians  during the year often sees participants don costumes for their Day One plunge, this year heralding a fresh start to a new decade.

In addition to those hitting the water, for those not quite daring enough to wade into the waters off Rushbrook, the Rotarians also offer up complimentary Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Dogs for those coming back ashore or for those looking to cheer the participants on.

The Rotarians note that Tim Horton's is providing the Coffee and Hot Chocolate for the annual Prince Rupert tradition.

Parking can be a bit of a challenge at Rushbrook during the Polar Bear Swim, if you find that the lot is full at the Floats, there are a number of other options, including along George Hills Way, or through parking at Seal Cove and walking along the Rushbrook Trail towards the Floats from the east, which may make for a good way to start the New Year as well.

The weather may make for a brisk dip for the Polar Bear participants, the latest forecast from Environment Canada calling for Rain on New Years Day with a High of 5 and the potential for periods of snow that night as the temperatures take a dip that might make a polar bear comfortable!

A forecast fit for a Polar Bear is on the way for the start of 2020
(click to enlarge)

You can learn more about the Thursday event from the Rotary Club Facebook Event page here.

The Polar Bear Swim comes just a week or so after the conclusion of another successful Christmas Tree Sale in the city, with Rotarians selling the trees from the McBride Street Tennis Courts until just before Christmas Eve, the money raised from that event will be put towards Rotary projects around the region.

For a look at more of the work of the Prince Rupert Rotarians see their facebook page or website.

For more items of note on Community events in the region see our archive page.

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