Friday, December 27, 2019

Time for residents to play the Prince Rupert Garbage Shuffle

The holiday period which leaves one flummoxed at the best of times, brings some additional confusion for residents of Prince Rupert when it comes to when is the day to next put out your garbage.

With Prince Rupert on a rotating Garbage cycle, keeping track of the the days is important, lest you miss yours and then have to live with your stash until the next available pick up day, or come up with a Plan B.

To help out with the battle plan for Operation Garbage find your neighbourhood from the map above, the colour of your area, matching up with the monthly calendars.

Here's a look at the schedule for what is left of December, as well as the full listings for the year ahead.

And for some long range planning, here's the schedule for all of 2020.

The Prince Rupert Garbage Collection calendar for 2020
(click to enlarge)

More notes on the city's garbage regulations and collection themes can be found here.

Those considering a garbage run of their own out to the landfill site, should make note of the regulations in place out at the Ridley Island landfill site.

With the days of the recycling transfer station now long gone at the Kaien Road Recycling Centre, residents looking to access the North Coast Regional District Recycling facility can review the schedule here.

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