Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Atmospheric Rivers set for battle above Prince Rupert by Friday; could bring much rain and potential for snow

Satellite photos from Environment Canada show the atmospheric rivers
that are setting up and could collide over the North Coast by Friday

There are no Weather Warnings of note for the North Coast and Haida Gwaii as of yet and as any weather watcher knows, the forecast of today for the week ahead can look significantly different by the end of the week.

However, there are  some interesting weather patterns are shaping up for the skies above the North Coast by the end of the week that should be followed, particularly for those with travel plans for the weekend.

The Weather Network offered up a graphic on Monday that noted two competing weather systems set to arrive at the same time on the North Coast, with twin atmospheric rivers one with rain, the other with the potential for snow making a track for our corner of the Northwest.

The notes from the Weather Network indicate that the impact of the first of the multiple systems heading into British Columbia is already being felt in the southern reaches with heavy rains in Lower Mainland and snow further inland.

Reinforcing those themes, area a string of Public Alerts spanning from Vancouver Island to the Alberta border in the south.

So far, Environment Canada seems to be hedging their bets, with calls for snow or rain for the North Coast through until Monday, the first of which could  arrive in the overnight period following New Year's Day.

Seven Day Forecast for Prince Rupert
(click to enlarge)

You can access updated weather information from the Environment Canada website.

As the storm arrives the road conditions across the Northwest can be reviewed from the Drive BC website and twitter feed.

You can also access our range of Video Camera listings for along the Highway 16 corridor and its feeder routes here. Though it should be noted, that at this time a number of those camera locations are not in service due to technical issues.

The Marine forecast for Hecate Strait likewise indicates that some wicked weather this way is a coming, with a Gale Warning in place now, with conditions expected to worsen  out on the water as we head towards the weekend.

Marine Forecast for Hecate Strait
click to enlarge

As Environment Canada keeps watch on the approaching system, we'll offer up more notes as the weather service provides them should the alert levels be raised.

For more notes on past weather events see our archive page here.

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