Monday, December 23, 2019

Fourth significant quake recorded in Queen Charlotte Sound area today

This item has been updated to note a second 6.0 quake today.

Two significant earthquakes, both  listed as 6.0 in magnitude and the largest of three recorded today so far, has struck in the southern reaches of Queen Charlotte Sound, located 176 kilometres to the West of Port Hardy, the most recent ones recorded at 11:49 AM and then again 12:49 this afternoon both were noted as at 10 kilometres depth.

12:56 PM

11:49 AM

They follow two moderate sized temblors recorded late this morning in the same area, with a 5.2 and 5.6 seismic event listed by the USGS.

You can review our notes on the previous earthquakes here.

As was the case in the quakes of earlier today, there has been No Tsunami Warning generated by the latest seismic event.

The archive for the previous quakes and those to follow can be explored here.

For more notes related to seismic events along the BC and Alaska coastline see our archive page here.

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