Sunday, December 22, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending December 22, 2019

With the Prince Rupert 2030 Vision plan outlined for the public on December 12th, we took note of a BC Bid discovery this week

An item which finds the City of Prince Rupert ready to move forward on one of the Rupert's Landing projects, that through a call for bids for design work on the historic CN Railway Station building at Rotary waterfront park.

Also finding a strong audience this week was our look at the final SD52  Board meeting this week, with the Board looking to add an elementary school to the province's seismic mitigation list.

The Port is preparing to update its Information Guide for shipping companies, masters of ships and other interested readers, with a section on the debut of bunkering services to be added, but first the Port is seeking comment from the community on the changes to the guide with a deadline of mid January for replies.

We took another look at the recent RCMP update for City Council at the December 9th Council session and looked at how the Prince Rupert councillors are approaching the information reviews compared to those in other Northwest communities.

Wrapping up the list of five was a look at a pretty hot seller in the aisles of Wal Mart this weekend, as Prince Rupert residents and Secret Santa's snapped up a large number of the new board game Rupertopoloy, which features a range of local place names as part of the game play.

However, the most read story of the week takes us all down to the Waterfront and the potential start for redevelopment of a long time eyesore in the old CN station.

CN Waterfront Building Rehabilitation plans move to design phase -- The City of Prince Rupert put one of the elements of it's Rupert's Landing remediation plans into motion, soliciting requests for proposals towards a redesign of the historical building on the waterfront.       (posted  December 18, 2019)

That article was followed by:

December School Board hears of seismic risk for Conrad School, disappointing results on proposed teacher training -- The Board of Education with SD52 plans to follow up with the province to place Conrad Elementary on the provincial list towards seismic mitigation, that item just one of a number we reviewed from the December Board meeting.     (posted  December  17, 2019)

Port of Prince Rupert seeks comments on plans to add bunkering operations -- With the Port set to add to the services offered to visiting shipping lines in the way of bunkering of fuel, they are seeking comment from the public prior to their next update for the Port Information Guide.    (posted December 20, 2019)

Results from RCMP updates only as successful as the questions asked  -- Our look at the recent RCMP update for Prince Rupert City Council and a comparison with how other Northwest communities approach that flow of information found a large audience this week as well.    (posted December 18, 2019)

The last minute Christmas gift for the Rupertite who has almost everything -- With sales remaining brisk over the weekend, it would seem that many a Prince Rupert family will be playing Prince Rupertopoly on Christmas Day.   (posted  December 20, 2019)

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