Friday, December 27, 2019

Things settle down after flurry of activity on the fault line of Queen Charlotte Sound

The seismic plates were shifting over the last five days off the
Northern tip of Vancouver Island

For those that were travelling or somewhat busy over the last week or so, these last five days have made for a very active period for a fault line running along the British Columbia coastline

With some significant earthquakes taking place in the entrance way to Queen Charlotte Sound in a period from December 23 to December 25.

The majority of the seismic events took place in an area located to the west of Port Hardy in an area between Vancouver Island and the southern tip of Haida Gwaii.

There was no damage reported from the swarm of events, and no Tsunami alerts were generated by all of that activity.  Though the flurry of quakes did serve as a reminder as to the active nature of the area when it comes to earth movements.

The listings of the most notable quakes and some of the details related to them can be reviewed below:

December 25

12:38 PM -- 4.8 mg (182 km W of Port Hardy)

December 24

7:32 PM -- 6.3 mg  (182 km W of Port Hardy)

December 23

9:32 PM -- 4.3 mg ( 29 km WSW Queen Charlotte Haida Gwaii) (Not listed by USGS)

3:38 PM -- 4.9 mg (160 km W of Port Hardy)

12:56 PM -- 6.0 mg   (163 km W of Port Hardy)

11: 49 AM -- 6.0 mg (176 km W of Port Hardy)

11:13 AM -- 5.7 mg (170 km  of Port Hardy)

10:44 AM -- 5.2 mg (166 km W of Port Hardy)

For more items of note related to seismic events on the North Coast, Alaska and coastal BC see our archive page here.

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