Monday, December 23, 2019

With Rupertopoloy a big hit this season. What could be next for Prince Rupert Board game themes?

Rupertopoly has proven to be a popular
gift item this Christmas at WalMart

Residents of Prince Rupert it seems are smitten with the idea of their hometown as the featured attraction for a Board Game, with some Christmas shoppers grabbing three or four copies of Rupertopoly at a time from the bins at the Rupert Square Walmart this weekend.

As we outlined on the blog on Friday, word of the game's arrival at the local store quickly spread through social media and as the weekend moved forward, the pile became smaller and the Christmas trees of Prince Rupert and beyond will no doubt be the next resting spot for the board game with the local place-manes.

All of this excitement over Rupertopoly, gives us cause to think as to what could come next and with an eye towards Christmas 2020, only one game comes to our mind these days as for the next instalment of Prince Rupert as a theme and that's the game RISK.

In RupertRisk ... participants will take up residence in all of the communities that make up the North Coast and Northwest.

Each player looking to build up alliances, attract industry and employment and take on challenges over how to divide up the responsibility of taxes and delivery of revenues from past Tax arrangements. 

All while each player fends off hostile intentions and works towards making sure that their neighbours don't move to take over their space and force amalgamations and mergers that they don't want.

Considering some of the recent past political themes that have been found in the region, it seems like a natural evolution for the local Board Game genre and one that may fly off the shelves as fast as Rupertopoloy has this Christmas.

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  1. The mayor is playing Rupert Risk in real life fending off evil Port Edward. Somehow that is just wrong. He could go after the SQCRD but they pay him so nary a peep.