Friday, December 20, 2019

City makes it official, no Committee of the Whole for December

It's a meeting that few probably even knew had been considered, and now it's off the books, with the City of Prince Rupert officially cancelling a Committee of the Whole Meeting that had been noted as set to take place on December 23rd.

The notice seems more towards crossing i's and dotting t's on the year, with the City Council having actually hosted it's final Regular Council session of the year back on December 9th.

The Committee of the Whole process is one that sees City Council hold the public session where residents are invited to raise items of interest or concern once a month, usually at the second of the two council meetings held most months.

With Council only hosting one Regular council meeting in December, and the fact that City Hall is actually closed for much of the next two weeks, the cancellation of the Committee of the Whole plans it would seem is for the most part just a formality.

City Council did host a Special Council session on December 12th, but no background on what was discussed during that session has been posted to the city's website or You Tube Archive to this point.

City Council advises that if any resident has an item for review or consideration for the next Committee of the Whole opportunity of January 27th that they forward their information to Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller.

For a look back at the City Council year from 2019 see our Council archive page here, a wider overview of the themes of discussion over the last twelve months can be found here.

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