Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Council celebrates the work of Photographer Phuong Nguyen

Council presented Phuong Nguyen with the Prince Rupert Civic Appreciation
Award on Monday evening as part of the Council session of the night
(Photo from City of PR)

The ceremony was delayed by a few months owing to the recipients busy schedule, but Monday night Prince Rupert City Council paid tribute to the community spirit and photographic talents of Phuong Nguyen.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain, highlighted the work of the local photographer who can be found often around the city, capturing the excitement and solemn moments of the many community events and festivals that take place in the city each year.

"Phuong was nominated because of his outstanding community service to Prince Rupert, you will know him at every community event, taking videos, taking photos, taking selfies and live recording all the events that happen in Prince Rupert, without ever even being asked to come and do that.

Somehow he knows where every event is, on all occasions and is there recording this for the community on their behalf.  He has a Facebook page where you can access thousands of community photos from pretty well every  event over the years.

He does it all on his spare time, all on volunteer time and edits and records and does it all himself, and I think it's time to recognize him for the work that he's been doing for the community and I know that our MLA has done the same at the Legislature down in Victoria.

So I just want to present this award tonight to Phuong for all the work you have done in the community and for all the work I know you are going to continue doing for the community"

On Monday, prior to the civic recognition event, we took a look at some of his work and the accolades he has received, included in those tributes was recognition from MLA Jennifer Rice who told his story to the British Columbia legislature in November.

The City's own recognition notes can be viewed from the City's Video Archive from Monday, starting at the very beginning of the Monday session.

You can explore the vast library of photos and videos from Mr. Nguyen through his Facebook page.

For more items of interest related to Monday's Council meeting see our Council Timeline Feature here.

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