Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Conrad Elementary's Big Mural Unveiling comes Tomorrow

The Conrad School Mural project will be unveiled tomorrow afternoon
at 2 PM at the east side elementary school

A project that was first incubated in the Spring will come to a successful conclusion tomorrow afternoon at Conrad Elementary, as Kelli Clifton the highly acclaimed North Coast artist and member of the staff of SD52 showcases the work she and a collection of Conrad students have been working on for much of this school year.

The much anticipated reveal of the numerous panels for the Conrad mural will be revealed to the public at 2 PM on Thursday, at which time the public are invited to come see how the project which features 3 seals popping out of the waves, 4 salmon swimming and salmon eggs further below.

You can review some of our past notes on the project below:

September 2019 -- Conrad Elementary School mural plans moving towards fall unveiling
May 2019 -- Art to take to the outside wall at Conrad Elementary
May 2019 -- New funding allows for additional spending for SD52 budget

The Conrad mural will make for just the latest of similar projects that have taken root in the city as part of a growing movement towards outdoor urban artwork which was announced by Transition Prince Rupert earlier this year.

Word of the debut for the Conrad Mural was relayed by the School District at their December Board meeting last week.

For more items of note from School District 52 see our archive page here.

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