Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Municipal Government -- Discussion Points related to Prince Rupert City Council 2018

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2018, as well as any other notes of relevance to Prince Rupert.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2018


December 28 -- Boil Water Update for Prince Rupert (video)
December 28 -- Prince Rupert two weeks in to boil water advisory
December 28 -- Prince Rupert's water still isn't safe to drink
December 28 -- Heading towards New Years Eve, no change in Boil Water Notice for Prince Rupert NCR
December 28 -- BC Transit has your ride to the New Year's Eve Party covered NCR
December 24 -- Regional District to make use of Alternative Approval Process for planned upgrades to Regional Recycling facility  NCR
December 24 -- Prince Rupert Homeless Shelter receives extended funding through the winter  NCR
December 24 -- Mayor Brain wades into Boil Water discussion on Social media over the weekend  NCR
December 21 -- Updates on Mayor's Blue Ribbon Select Panel on pay review few and far between as deadline nears  NCR
December 21 -- City of Prince Rupert heads towards reduced operations over the holidays  NCR
December 21 -- Water hasn't had significant impact on hospital: Northern Health
December 21 -- Nurses' Union president told not to drink the water in Prince Rupert
December 20 -- All we want for Christmas is some clean water
December 20 -- Prince Rupert boil water advisory extended indefinitely for further testing
December 20 -- WCC LNG withdraws from environmental process
December 20 -- Exxon withdraws environmental assessment application for Prince Rupert LNG project
December 20 -- Boil water notice in Prince Rupert expected to last another week
December 20 -- Like the city's water itself, the city's information flow on the water situation is a little bit murky  NCR
December 20 -- City puts Civic Centre ammonia ventilation contract out for tender  NCR
December 19 -- Rupert Water Advisory (video)
December 19 -- City updates its notes on the Boil Water Advisory, which will continue for another week minimum  NCR
December 19 -- Exxon-Mobil-Imperial bow out of environmental process for WCC LNG Terminal proposal at Tuck Inlet  NCR
December 19 -- Recreation Department offering Christmas Break programs for children NCR
December 19 -- Local groups sign on to Communities on the Move Declaration  NCR
December 17 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water advisory continued
December 17 -- Boil Water Advisory continues in Prince Rupert
December 17 -- Residents hoard water as Prince Rupert's Safeway restocks its shelves
December 17 -- Prince Rupert tops the list for the cost of Cannabis licensing for across the Northwest  NCR
December 16 -- Microscopic parasite found in Prince Rupert water affecting thousands
December 16 -- Mayor's update through Facebook offers up further details on City's water issues  NCR
December 15 -- Prince Rupert's water woes gain attention across British Columbia  NCR
December 14 -- Boil water notice in effect for Prince Rupert
December 14 -- Boil Water Notice in effect in Prince Rupert  NCR
December 14 -- City to make application for UBCM grant to explore daycare options in Prince Rupert  NCR
December 14 -- In Special Session of Council, City's Trade and Business regulations amended to allow for cannabis sales in Prince Rupert  NCR
December 14 -- Due to costs, Prince Rupert will continue to use ammonia at arena
December 13 -- City staff looks to increase paving projects for year ahead  NCR
December 13 -- Newly reopened Rushbrook Trail remains partially off limits with stabilization work ahead  NCR
December 12 -- Prince Rupert among Northwest communities to receive funding for Emergency Social Services  NCR
December 12 -- Rising Dam costs, potential curb side recycling plans make for questions at Council session NCR
December 12 --  Two Prince Rupert residents named to the Tourism Prince Rupert Board NCR
December 12 --  Council's Park Avenue addition to the cannabis Retail Map meets with some resistance from area property owners NCR
December 11 -- Prince Rupert draws its line for cannabis business
December 11 -- Prince Rupert holds top ten sport for best jobs in BC  NCR
December 10 -- Council to host public hearing on cannabis sales zone
December 10 -- City Council to hear final list of Capital Spending plans for 2019 at Council session tonight  NCR
December 10 -- City's Cannabis retail plans head to home stretch with tonight's council session  NCR
December 10 -- Supportive Housing project progressing along Park Avenue  NCR
December 10 -- City Council Preview  NCR
December 7 -- Cold snap takes a toll on some of the city's water infrastructure  NCR
December 7 -- Mayor's comments on downtown assault bring range of suggestions for follow up NCR
December 5 -- Distribution Day for CityWest puts 400K into City of Prince Rupert coffers  NCR
December 5 -- BC Transit extends Prince Rupert bus hours for holiday season
December 5 -- Prince Rupert Transit users can ride late into the night for the holidays  NCR
December 4 -- Mayor Brain speaks out regarding assault in downtown area  NCR
December 4 -- Public Hearing next week marks final opportunity for public to weigh in on City's cannabis plans  NCR
December 4 -- Mayor Brain speaks out regarding assault in downtown area  NCR
December 4 -- Stuff the Bus Saturday to help out this Christmas season NCR
December 4 -- City council sets the schedule for 2019   NCR
December 3 -- Mother of assault victim makes appeal to Prince Rupert public
December 3 -- City honours civic workers with service recognition event  NCR


November 30 -- Quake in Alaska Puts Rupert on Notice
November 30 -- Rupert Square Mall closed to cannabis
November 30 -- Alaska tsunami warning cancelled
November 30 -- No tsunami threat for B.C. after Alaska quake
November 30 -- Tsunami risk being evaluated as 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes near Anchorage NCR
November 30 -- City seeks temporary Recreation Centre Manager  NCR
November 29 -- Strong show of support at Transgender vigil
November 29 -- Stuff the Bus campaign returns to Rupert
November 28 -- Resident argues for better protection of trees in Prince Rupert 
November 28 -- Prince Rupert Arts funding (video)
November 28 -- Resident argues for better protection of trees in Prince Rupert
November 28 -- Concerns over state of city's urban forest raised at City Council session NCR
November 28 -- Prince Rupert Arts Council quest for additional funding will have to wait until 2020 NCR
November 28 -- Council members receive their appointments for 2019 Committee and Board work NCR
November 28 -- Council redraws cannabis borderlines to include Five Corners and section of Park Avenue NCR
November 28 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, November 26, 2018  NCR
November 26 -- Council votes to expand proposed retail cannabis zone in Prince Rupert
November 26 -- City Council to review range of Committee appointments to be made  NCR
November 26 -- City Council to receive details from two reports on findings of Cannabis consultation session last week  NCR
November 23 -- City reminds Rushbrook Trail users of alternative parking options  NCR
November 23 -- Winter schedule shift for Airport Ferry set for December 1st  NCR
November 23 -- Horizon North highlights Watson Island plans in review of ongoing projects  NCR
November 22 -- From lemons to lemonade
November 20 -- Transgender Day of Remembrance Now Recognized in Prince Rupert
November 16 -- Shimizu family returns to Prince Rupert to honour pioneering Japanese-Canadian (audio)
November 16 -- Ottawa apologizes to Japanese family in BC after chopping historic cherry trees
November 16 -- Dedication ceremony offers apology and hails historic past of Prince Rupert's Cherry Blossom Trees and Shimizu family  NCR
November 16 -- Compared to points east, BC Government's Grants in lieu of taxes delivers minor returns to Prince Rupert  NCR
November 15 -- A vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance in Prince Rupert
November 15 -- Government mades amends for chopped cherry trees
November 15 -- Love Prince Rupert takes the battle with online shopping to a local Trade Show  NCR
November 15 -- Sprucing things up for a commemoration
November 14 -- Prince Rupert to celebrate first M├ętis Awareness week
November 14 -- Up to 20 cannabis stores possible in Prince Rupert
November 14 -- Rupert Pot meeting (video)
November 13 -- Cannabis retail coming soon to Prince Rupert
November 13 -- Where are the crosswalk upgrades in Prince Rupert?
November 13 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks community feedback on cannabis plans at consultation session tonight at Coast Mountain College  NCR
November 9 -- City changes application notes on Council remuneration Committee  NCR
November 8 -- Prince Rupert to take part in community safety pilot project
November 8 -- City scores grant for online-engagement platform
November 8 -- Don't let all-male council be our new norm
November 8 -- Prince Rupert exploring upgrades for pool's disinfection system
November 8 -- City of Prince Rupert to receive provincial grant for community engagement initiative NCR
November 8 -- City to seek bids for more work for Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR
November 8 -- A road that will be out of sight, will change the feel of Prince Rupert's downtown area significantly   NCR
November 7 -- Local officials hail Port investment by Federal government  NCR
November 7 -- First Council session serves as Appointment Day for new membership  NCR
November 7 -- City Council features a new mandate ... that will follow much the same path of the previous four years  NCR
November 7 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, November 5, 2018  NCR
November 6 -- Councillor Cunningham looks to keep North Coast issues on health high on the agenda for Northern Health and the Minister  NCR
November 5 -- Still high on the crime stats rankings; Improvement being found for Prince Rupert in annual Maclean's National Crime Review  NCR
November 2 -- All male council breaks 46 year Prince Rupert streak
November 1 -- Special Prince Rupert City Council session called for Thursday afternoon  NCR


October 31 -- Land clearing complete, Prince Rupert Supportive Housing site sits ready for construction phase  NCR
October 30 -- Prince Rupert to assess its sewer infrastructure
October 30 -- City seeks bids on three items from November's to do list  NCR
October 29 -- To this point, Mayor Brain's Blue Ribbon Committee on Civic compensation issues remains a Facebook only invite project  NCR
October 26 -- City seeks to fill two Board Positions for Tourism Prince Rupert   NCR
October 25 -- City to seek grant funding for Emergency Social Services program  NCR
October 24 -- Phase 2 of Woodworth Dam contracted at $16.5 Million
October 24 -- City Council to pursue new way of addressing and distributing Community Enhancement grants after 2019 NCR
October 24 -- Tributes for Thorkelson: Council members reflect on a lengthy council career  NCR
October 24 -- Mayor Brain to call for participants in Committee to review council remuneration issues  NCR
October 24 -- Decision made on Woodworth Dam contract, as City Council approves bid recommendation from staff  NCR
October 24 -- City Council Timelined: Monday, October 22, 2018  NCR
October 23 -- $16.5M Woodworth Dam replacement project moves forward
October 23 -- City proposes five year lease for Regional Archives at City Hall  NCR
October 22 -- City Council to receive list of Community Enhancement Grant Applicants tonight  NCR
October 22 -- Council members to hear report on Woodworth Dam bids at tonight's City Council session   NCR
October 22 -- Council members to bid farewell to Joy Thorkelson tonight  NCR
October 22 -- Disengagement with voting leaves void in representation  NCR
October 21 -- Welcome to the Boys Club on Third Avenue West ... No Girls Allowed!  NCR
October 20 -- Prince Rupert voters return incumbents, send two newcomers to the Council Chambers for the next four years  NCR
October 20 -- Prince Rupert election results
October 20 -- Local election results
October 20 -- As the campaigning ends and the polls open, all this is left is for your final decision  NCR
October 19 -- A letter charts the course for those seeking success in municipal politics  NCR
October 18 -- What cards will the city play on Ridley Island tax share?
October 18 -- Mayor Brain's endorsements largely irrelevant to your choices Saturday  NCR
October 17 -- Cannabis is legal, what does that mean in Prince Rupert
October 17 -- One down, dozens to go! As Northern Savings purchases Dairy Queen building on McBride  NCR
October 17 -- Final days of City Council race finding a range of themes to consider  NCR
October 17 -- Not quite the wild west of pot smoking; as cannabis legalization arrives, there are still some rules to follow  NCR
October 15 -- The Ridley Island Tax Agreement: Discussion ... Debate ... Duel? or maybe just some Disclosure  NCR
October 15 -- Seniors to benefit from Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue - Pembina initiative  NCR
October 12 -- Ridley burn plans herald progress for Port of Prince Rupert's connector road to Fairview Terminal  NCR
October 12 -- The challenge of tackling climate change from a local government perspective (audio)
October 12 -- City approves Pembina work camp on Watson Island
October 12 -- Rupert Mayor calls for public debate on Ridley Island Tax Share
October 11 -- Run For It: How can local politicians tackle climate change?  (audio
October 11 -- On debate, dissent and the clash of ideas in Prince Rupert
October 11 -- Prince Rupert gets rolling on pot zoning bylaw
October 11 -- Prince Rupert Council picks Victoria firm for airport ferry refit
October 11 -- Questions on Ruhsbhrook Trail parking make for commentary at council  NCR
October 11 -- Airport Ferry refit contract awarded by City Council Tuesday NCR
October 11 -- Mayor Brain dials up the rhetoric on Ridley Tax agreement with Port Edward  NCR
October 11 -- Council green lights plans for workers residence on Watson Island for Pembina construction  NCR
October 11 -- No short cuts when it comes to City Council's Cannabis road map  NCR
October 11 -- City Council Timeline, Tuesday, October 9, 2018  NCR
October 10 -- Council tends to weed business growth in Prince Rupert
October 10 -- Advance voting opportunities open today for October 20th council and School Board election  NCR
October 9 -- Council to outline plans towards zoning for Cannabis retail opportunities in Prince Rupert  NCR
October 9 -- City Council to hear options for refit of Digby Island Ferry tonight  NCR
October 5 -- Prince Rupert parents upset new dog park is larger than children's playground   (audio)
October 5 -- Earl Mah Aquatic Centre opening October 9
October 5 -- Everyone back in the pool! City to reopen Earl Mah Aquatic Centre on Tuesday  NCR
October 5 -- New dog park opens in Prince Rupert
October 5 -- Prince Rupert's Taj Mah Woof opens for use on city's west side  NCR
October 5 -- The Prince Rupert City Council Forum: Eight variations of a similar theme  NCR
October 4 -- Prince Rupert candidates on why you should vote for them
October 4 -- Unleash the dogs, the new park is open
October 3 -- LNG Canada approval stokes dreams for future LNG development in Northwest, with Prince Rupert still a potential location NCR
October 2 -- CityWest glitches left large gaps in Prince Rupert Council Forum presentation  NCR
October 2 -- Council's cannabis planning introduced through Facebook posts  NCR
October 1 -- 2018 Municipal debate primer
October 1 -- Political signs of the season ... lead us to the Lester Centre tonight NCR


September 28 -- City Council's work on marijuana issues for Prince Rupert to resume in October  NCR
September 28 -- Calls for more transparency could cover many themes if Council candidates are inclined to discuss the issue on Monday night  NCR
September 28 -- Earl Mah Aquatic Centre to open by October 15
September 27 -- Heritage BC lists Prince Rupert church as one of six at risk historical sites
September 27 -- The Victory speech he won't have to make: Mayor Brain's Northern View podcast moments  NCR
September 27 -- Prince Rupert's Presbyterian Church among those on the "Watch List" for Heritage BC  NCR
September 26 -- Operations Department job op continues September hiring push at City Hall  NCR
September 25 -- Candidates forum and debate set for October 1
September 25 -- Emergency Support Services to offer free Site Management Course Saturday  NCR
September 25 -- City's future sewer planning starts with Request for Proposals process NCR
September 24 -- Mayor Lee Brain re-elected in Prince Rupert
September 24 -- Time for federal fisheries Minister Wilkinson to book a flight to Prince Rupert  NCR
September 24 -- Sewer infrastructure work to affect residents of Water Street area for up to six weeks NCR
September 24 -- Complete Streets 4 Prince Rupert looks to keep road safety a key election topic  NCR
September 24 -- City's electoral officer outlines timeline towards October 20th Municipal vote  NCR
September 23 -- Free Transit for voters on election day
September 22 -- Dog park coming soon to McKay Street park
September 21 -- It's a brand new vista over on McKay Street, as city crews clear land for new dog park  NCR
September 21 -- Will the Hays 2.0 plan be the dominant theme of the 2018 City Council election?  NCR
September 20 -- More than 35 B.C. mayors elected without contest
September 20 -- Crosswalk improvements are coming
September 20 -- City of Prince Rupert Tax Sale set for Monday September 24th  NCR
September 20 -- With acclamation secured, Mayor Brain plans to stay engage in upcoming Council race  NCR
September 20 -- Mayor Brain hopes for 'traction' on Port Tax Cap issue in 2019  NCR
September 19 -- Woodworth Dam construction plans revised towards 2019 NCR
September 19 -- Participation in the 2018 Prince Rupert City Council and School District vote is but a free bus ride away  NCR
September 19 -- Ridley Island Tax issues with Port Edward remain a concern for City officials  NCR
September 19 -- Ministry of Highways to tackle a number of road safety issues on Second Avenue West  NCR
September 19 -- Councillor Cunningham hopes to see more money for community parks in 2019 Budget planning  NCR
September 18 -- Improved intersections coming to parts of Prince Rupert this fall
September 18 -- Visibility improvements coming for Prince Rupert's downtown streets
September 18 -- October 1st set for Prince Rupert Municipal election All Candidate's Forum  NCR
September 18 -- Portals of politics shape the message for many of this years Council candidates  NCR
September 17 -- With Mayor Brain destined to be acclaimed; focus now turns to Council and School District races to build interest in 2018 campaigns  NCR
September 17 -- Premier Horgan's UBCM address highlights need to work with communities when it comes to range of issues  NCR
September 14 -- Mayor's position to be acclaimed; contests ahead for Prince Rupert City Council and School District 52  NCR
September 14 -- Prince Rupert's BC Commercial Fisheries resolution for UBCM gains endorsement from convention  NCR
September 14 -- Wolf incident has RCMP asking public to avoid Butze Rapids Trail until issue resolved by Conservation Service  NCR
September 14 -- Low volume of nominations could deliver government by acclamation to the North Coast in October  NCR
September 14 -- Former Airport Society member Judy Fraser weighs in on Airport issues through letter to editor  NCR
September 13 -- Firefighters argue pay grievance with City of Prince Rupert
September 13 -- Arbitration Panel sends City's Firefighters and Municipal government back to the negotiation table to try to resolve salary parity issue  NCR
September 13 -- Prince Rupert's increased Operational spending, brings drop in rankings in CFIB Municipal Spending Watch; timed for UBCM release  NCR
September 13 -- Infrastructure grant funding programs come out of UBCM session Wednesday NCR
September 12 -- Climate and Sustainable energy issues make for early focus for Mayor Brain at UBCM  NCR
September 11 -- City makes plans for upgrade to Pigott Avenue retaining wall, with request for bids now in motion   NCR
September 10 -- Five days of politics and networking ahead for municipal officials as UBCM convention opens today  NCR
September 10 -- Engineering Department looks for equipment operator for full time position  NCR
September 10 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward, Smithers absent from coalition of communities penning LNG Resource letter  NCR
September 7 -- Recreation Department looks to fill clerical position at Civic Centre  NCR
September 7 -- BC Hydro suspension of Standing Offer Program on Clean energy proposals, may have impact on City's hydro generating plans  NCR
September 7 --  Brevity of Council sessions means lost opportunities for information sharing  NCR
September 7 -- Councillor Cunningham's call for opportunities for public presentations from organizations/groups to be part of 2019 Council schedule  NCR
September 6 -- Familiar names returned to Prince Rupert Library Board  NCR
September 6 -- Prince Rupert Council's letter to Feds to express desire to see Ridley Terminals remain in local hands  NCR
September 6 -- City Council Timeline: Tuesday, September 4, 2018 NCR
September 5 -- First municipal election season under new spending rules kicks off
September 5 -- Prince Rupert to draft letter over Ridley Terminals sale
September 5 -- Brain to seek second term
September 4 -- Prince Rupert Mayor announces run for re-election 
September 4 -- Incumbent Mayor Lee Brain confirms plans to seek second, four year term as Mayor of Prince Rupert  NCR
September 4 -- Official nomination period opens today for 2018 Municipal elections NCR
September 3 -- Labour Day marked by statements from politicians and labour leaders  NCR


August 31 -- Prince Rupert Pot Hole problems (video)
August 31 -- Return of Redesign Rupert heralds Phase Two plans  NCR
August 31 -- UBCM Talking Points 2018  NCR
August 31 -- Wade Niesh, Barry Cunningham first of incumbents to declare candidacy for October 20th vote  NCR
August 30 -- Councillor Cunningham draws attention to missed opportunities on transparency for Council members  NCR
August 30 -- City's Purchasing policies gain questions from Councillor Cunningham NCR
August 30 -- Councillor Mirau asks for report on impact of MSP changes on civic costs   NCR
August 30 -- Ridley Expansion, potential sale of Terminal among themes for review by Council members  NCR
August 30 -- Past zoning arrangement comes back as focus on trailer home eviction plans  NCR
August 30 -- City Council Timeline, Monday, August 20, 2018 NCR
August 30 -- Pop-up event is an AED solution for downtown
August 29 -- Prince Rupert Pop Up Street Fair (video)
August 29 -- Water main break affects 80 homes in Prince Rupert
August 27 -- Rupert Revitalization (video)
August 24 -- Rupert Redesign moves to second phase
August 23 -- Potential sale of Ridley Terminals concerning to Rupert Council
August 22 -- Sarah Dancer announces Prince Rupert Council bid (video)
August 22 -- Last mobile home owners in Prince Rupert fighting eviction
August 21 -- Prince Rupert Council hears overview of Ridley Terminal expansion (video)
August 17 -- North Coast Innovation Lab looks to share latest notes on community projects next Wednesday at Coast Mountain College  NCR
August 17 -- SD52 outlines nomination process for upcoming School District Board election  NCR
August 16 -- Affordable safe housing for all
August 16 -- How to lose an ammonia tank - ask the city
August 16 -- UBCM Resolutions book ready for municipal review as September convention draws closer  NCR
August 15 -- City seeks some new wheels for Operations Department  NCR
August 14 -- Emergency Social Service training set for September  NCR
August 14 -- Airport ferry due for a refit 
August 13 -- City still silent as Civic Centre Ammonia incident report released NCR
August 13 -- Prince Rupert's rank on Canadian Community Crime Tracker
August 10 -- City of Prince Rupert refreshes its website (video)
August 10 -- Inspection report reveals multiple failures in Prince Rupert ammonia leak
August 10 -- With an eye on Fall activities, City Recreation Department offers up a few ideas  NCR
August 10 -- Prince Rupert in line for $600,000 plus in first of two gas tax allocations  NCR 
August 10 -- Nelson Kinney Lung Clinic fundraising gets 1,000 dollar boost  NCR
August 9 -- Municipal elections are coming, take a stand
August 9 -- City hosts refreshed information gateway to Prince Rupert  NCR
August 8 -- North Coast Regional District gains funding for further study on electric charging station plans through FCM/Federal funding announcement  NCR
August 7 -- Pump failure leads to reduced water pressure for Crestview Drive residents  NCR
August 7 -- Smoothing out potholes in Prince Rupert
August 7 -- Mayor Brain, Councillor Mirau offer housing response in wake of recent permissive tax exemption decision  NCR
August 7 -- City opens Community Enhancement Grant Application period  NCR
August 6 -- New mental health drop-in clinic for Prince Rupert
August 3 -- Repuprosed Anchor Inn to offer some relief for Prince Rupert's housing crunch
August 3 -- Former Anchor Inn to be home to 46 low income units
August 3 -- Prince Rupert makes moves in latest Moneysense Best Places to Live list  NCR
August 2 -- Vagueness not an option when lives are on the line
August 2 -- In all fairness
August 2 -- Campfires allowed in Prince Rupert over the long weekend
August 2 -- City of Prince Rupert marks the trail towards October Municipal elections  NCR
August 2 -- Latests stats indicate that Crime Severity Index has spiked upwards for Prince Rupert; while Terrace continues to top the British Columbia List  NCR
August 1 -- McBride Street work heads towards the home stretch  NCR
August 1 -- City confirms extension for Extreme Weather Shelter on Third Avenue West  NCR


July 31 -- New supportive housing for homeless coming to Prince Rupert soon
July 31 -- Timeline shifts for Supportive Housing in Prince Rupert  NCR
July 31 -- City of Prince Rupert wants to pay you, to climb the walls ...  NCR
July 31 -- BC North Bus proves to be popular option for Northwest  NCR
July 30 -- Nomination forms available across Northwest for Municipal elections 2018  NCR
July 27 -- Council hears concern over lack of speed signs near McKay Street Park  NCR
July 26 -- Prince Rupert awards $3M landfill contract
July 26 -- City Council makes quick work of approval for new Taxi Bylaw amendment NCR
July 26 -- City council rejects two requests for Permissive Property Tax Exemptions  NCR
July 26 -- City moves forward with funding application for Sub Marine Water Supply Line and Water Treatment plans  NCR
July 25 -- New lung clinic to be named after Nelson Kinney
July 25 -- Watson Clean Up Reward (video)
July 25 -- Council members vote to donate unused honorarium for Nelson Kinney, funds to be put towards clinic to be created in his name  NCR
July 25 --  Councillor Randhawa raises concerns over lack of ICBC services in the community NCR
July 25 -- Broadwater Industries gets contract award for landfill expansion project NCR
July 25 --  Council hears question from resident related to recent Civic Centre ammonia leak incident NCR
July 24 -- Prince Rupert to donate deceased councillor's unused wages
July 24 -- City says McBride Street water line repairs to be completed soon
July 24 -- City's latest Watson Island video provides city's view of the timeline for Pembina LPG Terminal work  NCR
July 23 -- Pembina to begin construction on Watson Island
July 23 -- Watson Island back in business
July 23 -- City of Prince Rupert anticipates estimated income of more than 75 million in revenues, after Pembina 'triggers milestone" from agreement  NCR
July 23 -- Yet one more traffic headache for Prince Rupert motorists  NCR
July 23 -- Council to consider contribution for COPD clinic to be created in memory of Nelson Kinney  NCR
July 23 -- Ridley Terminals to preview expansion plans for Prince Rupert Council this evening  NCR
July 20 -- Worker retention program in Northwest (video)
July 20 -- Northwest Communities Map out Five year Retention plan 
July 20 -- Chinese Consul General tours Prince Rupert  NCR
July 18 -- Early to work and early to rise will get Prince Rupert council back into summer quickly on Monday  NCR
July 17 -- City of Prince Rupert seeking proposals for annual refit of Digby Island Ferry  NCR
July 17 -- City on quest for new members for Prince Rupert Library Board  NCR
July 16 -- Elections BC lays out rules for October Municipal/School District elections  NCR
July 13 -- Jagmeet Singh on North Coast industry and fisheries
July 12 -- Resource Benefits Alliance begins stakeholder outreach
July 11 -- City offers up spill over parking options for Rushbrook Trail users  NCR
July 11 -- No room on the shelf ... Prince Rupert Library suspends book donations until September  NCR
July 11 -- City seeks quotations for work to replace Storm and Water infrastructure at 7th and Green  NCR
July 10 -- Alaska outlines State Transportation plans for 2018-2021, with AMHS Terminal in Prince Rupert still on a back burner  NCR
July 10 -- Mayor, Council members in Alberta for tour of Pembina facilities  NCR
July 9 -- Province's Employer's Health Tax to make for hit on City's future budget planning  NCR
July 9 -- BC Hydro fast charging plans bringing Highway 16 corridor one step closer to charging network  NCR
July 6 -- Ecotrust Canada consultation on public fish market set for Cow Bay Day  NCR
July 6 -- Summer staffing shortages keep City Council viewers in suspense for June Council meeting replay NCR
July 5 -- Despite extended hours, North Coast recycling bins overflow
July 5 -- More details of ammonia leak released
July 5 -- Wednesday ammonia incident at Recreation Centre requires more info for public  NCR
July 5 -- Traffic advisories in place as McBride Street work continues  NCR
July 5 -- Prince Rupert Rec Complex evacuated for ammonia leak
July 4 -- Two taken to hospital after ammonia lead at recreation centre
July 4 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue responds to incident at Civic Centre, with reports of an ammonia leak at Arena  NCR
July 4 -- Prince Rupert Mayor joins July 4 celebrations in Alaska
July 4 -- Prince Rupert shares in the Fourth of July ... Kethcikan style NCR
July 4 -- Fundraisers near halfway mark to goal for Nelson Kinney Memorial Lung clinic  NCR
July 4 -- City seeks Requests for Proposal for Woodworth Dam construction  NCR
July 3 -- With funding in hand, Northwest Resource Benefits Association prepares for community engagement  NCR
July 3 -- Long weekend makes for perfect moment for long walks on the Rushbrook Trail  NCR
July 2 -- Fewer calls to Prince Rupert police in 2017: report


June 29 -- City seeks public feedback on proposed Vehicle for Hire (Taxi) Bylaw changes  NCR
June 29 -- Thanks to traffic infraction monies, Prince Rupert reaps significant share of Provincial community funding  NCR
June 28 -- Province distributing local shared revenue grants
June 28 -- City of Prince Rupert outlines Aquatic Centre shut down timeline  NCR
June 28 -- Councillors Cunningham, Randhawa hail work on Mariners Park, Atlin Promenade  NCR
June 28 -- Council to submit Commercial fishery resolution to UBCM for September gathering  NCR
June 28 -- Thoughts on amenities, road safety among council commentary on Park Avenue housing permit process  NCR
June 28 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, June 25, 2018  NCR
June 27 -- Prince Rupert council calls for parity with East Coast fisheries
June 27 -- Development permit issued for 36 BC Housing units next to Transition House
June 27 -- Dig deep, and dig fast ... Tax payment time is almost here  NCR
June 26 -- City continues call for Victim Services Program Manager NCR
June 26 -- Civic Centre Ammonia plant upgrade next up on list of renovations  NCR
June 26 -- Complete streets survey finds Prince Rupert wants protected bike paths
June 25 -- If we build it, they will cycle ... Complete Streets for Prince Rupert releases finding from Seafest survey  NCR
June 25 -- Regional District's SOFI release highlighted by compensation increase for elected officials  NCR
June 25 -- Council to review the Development Permit Application for Park Avenue Supportive Housing plans  NCR
June 23 -- Grand opening for Mariner's Park playground
June 22 -- City sets out purchase plan for new garbage collection vehicle  NCR
June 22 -- Overlook Community Garden plans moving along quickly  NCR
June 22 -- City puts Emergency Notification system to the test NCR
June 21 -- With latest job opportunity, City looks to add to its engineering staff  NCR
June 20 -- McKay Street Park Opening delay to continue into July  NCR
June 19 -- Testing, testing: Prince Rupert to try new emergency app
June 19 -- City of Prince Rupert launches Tsunami Preparation Information process NCR
June 15 -- Rules for Cow Bay Float access now posted at city operated dock site  NCR
June 15 -- Councillor Niesh joins online conversation on civic staff salaries  NCR
June 15 -- Supplier payments from City of Prince Rupert come in just under the 30 million dollar mark  NCR
June 14 -- Council Briefs
June 14 -- A chance to take to Sea (or at least the harbour) with the City of Prince Rupert  NCR
June 14 -- Mariner's Park Tot Play Area to close for repairs  NCR
June 14 -- Plans for waterfront eyesore on the mind of Councillor Cunningham NCR
June 13 -- Rupert Wood and Steel selected for Earl Mah Aquatic Centre project  NCR
June 13 -- Council receives presentation of Mayor's First Draft for Sustainable City 2030 initiative  NCR
June 13 -- Annual Report presentation channels many of the Hays 2.0 themes  NCR
June 13 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, June 11 2018  NCR
June 12 -- Prince Rupert picks local firm for hot tub replacement
June 12 -- City adds three more to $100,000 club
June 12 -- Safer streets for British Columbia the focus for expanded provincial tool  kit  NCR
June 12 -- City of Prince Rupert shares 2018 Municipal/School election planning information  NCR
June 11 -- McBride Street watermain project to take 4-6 weeks
June 11 -- McBride water main break to disrupt traffic for another six weeks
June 11 -- McBride Street water main work to take 4 to 6 weeks to complete  NCR
June 8 -- After an opening day delay, the Doug Kerr Little League Field is ready for play!  NCR
June  8-- Partnerships and Solutions part of the focus for City of Prince Rupert's 2017 Annual Report  NCR
June 8 -- 2017 SOFI Report shows Civic Payroll edging over the 14 million dollar mark  NCR
June 8 -- City of Prince Rupert's SOFI report provides details on Council salaries in 2017  NCR
June 7 -- Funding program for municipal infrastructure opens new intake period  NCR
June 7 -- Renewable Rupert the next focus for City's Mayor  NCR
June 6 -- Contractors wanted for Prince Rupert landfill expansion
June 6 -- Mayor Brain in Smithers for discussions on expansion of electric vehicle charging network  NCR
June 5 -- Prince Rupert Aquatic Centre shutdown will see major improvements
June 1 -- Northwest Communities taking a variety of measures to tackle problem issues in downtown areas  NCR
June 1 -- Water main break on McBride may require full replacement
June 1 -- City puts Ridley Island landfill expansion project out for tender  NCR


May 31 -- City crews tackle McBride Street Water main repairs, reducing traffic lanes for motorists  NCR
May 30 -- Rupert Bus reaction (video)
May 30 -- Doug Kerr field plans (video)
May 30 -- Mayor's Report relays notes on recent Vancouver trip NCR
May 30 -- Amid reports of problem areas in the city'; Council hears of knowtweed eradication plan  NCR
May 30 -- Outrigger Association takes advantage of council session to outline work in community and use of Cow Bay dock  NCR
May 30 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, May 28 2018  NCR
May 29 -- North Transit (video)
May 29 -- Port Tax Caps (video)
May 29 -- Council Briefs
May 29 -- Province introduces BC North Bus; Transportation service across Highway 16 corridor to start June 4th  NCR
May 29 -- The path towards the Park Avenue supportive housing project starts with a Public Notice  NCR
May 28 -- Plans in motion to re-dedicate Doug Kerr Field  NCR
May 28 -- City and Prince Rupert Rampage consider advertising partnership for Civic Centre rink  NCR
May 25 -- City to celebrate Grand Opening for Mariner's Park renovations June 23rd  NCR
May 25 -- Mayor Brain meets with Lower Mainland officials to seek common ground on Port Caps  NCR
May 25 -- Paving Season underway in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 24 -- Alaska's marine highway receives critical funding
May 24 -- Mayor Brain attending Vancouver sessions at Art of Cities Conference  NCR
May 24 -- Putting the horse before the cart
May 23 -- Prince Rupert kayak float (video)
May 23 -- In your Mailbox this week ... your 2018 Property Tax Bills  NCR
May 22 -- Black bear carcass dumped on Mount Hays
May 22 -- Give Via Rail passengers priority, says Councillor Randhawa
May 18 -- City's approach to housing leaving many gaps when it comes to affordable options  NCR
May 18 -- Annual Business walk to provide City with more data on Business issues in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 17 -- Prince Rupert Business Walk (video)
May 17 -- Third Annual Prince Rupert Business walk explores how owners are doing city wide
May 17 -- City of Prince Rupert to support Nathan Cullen's call for federal attention to Highway 16 transportation issues, add on concerns over VIA Rail NCR
May 17 -- Prince Rupert RCMP jail renovations underway  NCR
May 17 -- McKay Street Park opening delayed further, with foundation work required, along with inspection  NCR
May 16 -- Lack of civic clean up plans questioned by Councillor Cunningham  NCR
May 16 -- Hiring pressures and employee retention the focus of study presented to City Council  NCR
May 16 --  New Kayak float for Cow Bay Marina and those that will use it, makes for discussion theme at City Council NCR
May 16 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, May 14 2018 Council session NCR
May 15 -- Prince Rupert Mayor says Province working on replacement for Greyhound service (audio)
May 15 -- New kayak float added at Prince Rupert breakwater (video)
May 15 -- NCLGA vote in favour of paid leave for convicted officials
May 15 -- Prince Rupert's Greyhound letter (video)
May 15 -- In Business in Vancouver article, Sun Wave Stakeholder Ni Ritao calls Prince Rupert's path on a expropriation a "Bad Faith" move   NCR
May 14 -- Council briefs
May 14 -- City releases notes on recent audit of 2017 Finances  NCR
May 14 -- Lions Club lend a hand to Complete Streets of Prince Rupert plans  NCR
May 14 -- Council to announce new Board appointments as part of Monday session  NCR
May 14 -- MP Nathan Cullen seeks Council support in quest for Federal action on Highway 16 Transportation  NCR
May 11 -- Average rent increased by $132 in Prince Rupert
May 11 -- Operation Cherry Blossom rejuvenation sprouts some success NCR
May 11 -- Airport Ferry down an engine
May 10 -- What Gates?
May 10 -- Prince Rupert's Cherry Blossom Trees blossom anew (video)
May 11 -- As Emergency Preparedness week wraps up, CN makes note of its Emergency Response program NCR
May  9 -- Province to test wireless alert system this afternoon  NCR
May 8 -- Prince Rupert business tools (video)
May 8 -- Earl Mah Aquatic Centre's Hot Tub replacement project starts with a request for bids  NCR
May 8 -- BC Transit expands its highway service with larger bus for Smithers to Prince George  NCR
May 8 -- NWCC expands housing options to Smithers, with hopes for North Coast plans in the future  NCR
May 7 -- United Way stops in Prince Rupert during Northern BC tour
May 7 -- Port Edward Revenue Streams (video)
May 7 -- Community Gambling Grants aid a number of Prince Rupert groups  NCR
May 7 -- Municipal leaders/civic officials gather in Fort Nelson for NCLGA sessions NCR
May 7 -- Prince Rupert's New Online Investment portal launched; showcases what City has to offer NCR
May 7 -- Park problems continue to percolate for City of Prince Rupert  NCR
May 6 -- City launches business development website
May 6 -- Port Edward expects 19 per cent of revenue to come from Ridley island Tax Share
May 5 -- United Way of Northern British Columbia embarking on a tour
May 4 -- United Way Charity Tour (video)
May 4 -- Nomination period for Civic Recognition Awards for 2018 now Open  NCR
May 4 -- First to the post ... Community Investment Portal launched in Terrace  NCR
May 4 -- Will John Horgan's long arm, look to take money away from communities across British Columbia?  NCR
May 3 -- Rupert updates Bylaw for Development rules  (video)
May 3 -- Overlook residents make plans for community garden, with help from Transition Prince Rupert  NCR
May 3 -- Battle against invasive plants in Northwest receives 596,000 dollars in grant money  NCR
May 2 -- Community Futures seeks program coordinator for Phase II of Redesign Rupert  NCR
May 1 -- Delays for Doug Kerr Field opening; as City Crews continue to attend to damage from April wind storm  NCR 
May 1 -- Street marking project underway in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 1 -- A bounty of bypass options  NCR
May 1 -- Pembina Open House provides glimpse of Watson Island Terminal plans  NCR


April 30 -- Prince Rupert mayor outlines visions, challenges in Hays 2.0 presentation 
April 30 -- Disappointment as Prince Rupert fails to get conservation officer
April 27 -- New Conservation Officers hired, New offices opened; none for Prince Rupert  NCR
April 27 -- Complete Streets for Prince Rupert and Hays 2.0  (video)
April 27 -- Raffles Days numbered as an Emergency housing option in Prince Rupert  NCR
April 27 -- The Mayor's Hays 2.0 Update ... There's a Bit of Woe, Some blame to Show and a dream to Sew ... BUT mostly we need some money to Flow!  NCR
April 26 -- Mayor Lee Brain's Hays 2.0 Blueprint update (video)
April 26 -- Mayor presents Prince Rupert's Hays 2.0 Blueprint
April 26 -- Crestview Drive concerns to be turned over to City Operations for review NCR
April 26 -- City Council may want to hold off on the stamps for their letter to NWCC NCR
April 26 -- Prince Rupert's cherry trees get grafts, a second chance
April 25 -- Concern expressed over Prince Rupert ESL course cancellation (audio)
April 25 -- Small Business Committee Report finds common ground with many City Council initiatives NCR
April 25 -- Prince Rupert RCMP detachment to get jail cell upgrade (video)
April 25 -- City Council to write letter of support for local Immigrant Services Society, related to concerns over English as Second language courses through NWCC NCR
April 25 -- Marcan Construction give contract award for City's RCMP Jail Cell renovations NCR
April 25 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, April 23, 2018  NCR
April 24 -- Prince Rupert forges ahead with RCMP jail cell retrofit
April 24 -- Small business plan submitted to Prince Rupert council (audio)
April 24 -- Prince Rupert Small Business Advisory Committee Presents Findings to Council
April 24 -- Prince Rupert Small Business report (video)
April 24 -- Hays 2.0 Blue print preview (video)
April 24 -- Council Briefs
April 24 -- City to begin jail cell upgrades by mid-May
April 24 -- North Coast Innovation Lab releases results from community engagement sessions  NCR
April 24 -- Plan seemingly underway to try to save what is left of Downtown Cherry trees  NCR
April 23 -- Prince Rupert's North Coast Innovation Lab report delivered (video)
April 23 -- North Coast Regional District boardroom renamed in honour of late councillor
April 23 -- Eco Trust's North Coast Innovation Lab Looks to add social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Projects in Prince Rupert
April 23 -- City struggles to meet RCMP demands to improve facilities
April 23 -- Regional District to honour memory of former Director Nelson Kinney with committee room naming  NCR
April 23 -- City's Small Business Advisory Committee to deliver report to Council NCR
April 22 -- Cleanup for felled trees in Prince Rupert expected to fall within budget
April 20 -- Modular housing timeline for Prince Rupert (video)
April 20 -- Modular housing coming to Prince Rupert in 2018, announces MLA Jennifer Rice
April 20 -- Modular housing to be built this summer in Prince Rupert
April 20 -- Much anticipated supportive housing proposal will see summer time build set for property on Park Avenue  NCR
April 20 -- Convention Season underway for Municipal/Regional government officials  NCR
April 20 -- Will Prince Rupert City Council join the moves to address lost tax exemption money on civic salaries?  NCR
April 20 -- Taking but two minutes for Budget approval; City Hall now moves towards delivery of the 2018 property tax bills  NCR
April 19 -- City of Prince Rupert and Northern Health join forces to share information on Home source lead concerns in drinking water  NCR
April 19 -- Transition Prince Rupert updates path to Park opening at McKay Street  NCR
April 18 -- While proposed LNG terminal project takes a slower pace, WCC LNG is still keeping tabs on North Coast  NCR
April 18 -- LNG development the theme for letter to Premier from Northern mayors  NCR
April 17 -- Fencing remains up, kids remain out at McKay Street Park NCR
April 16 -- Links to LNG cancellations seen in Prince Rupert's latest real estate findings  NCR
April 16 -- Housing Hub plans make for the focus for North Coast MLA Rice  NCR
April 16 -- City Council calls Special Regular Council session for Thursday  NCR
April 16 -- Atlin Terminal areas Cow Bay Marina dock features new additions  NCR
April 12 -- Prince Rupert conducting Tsunami Risk Assessment
April 12 -- Prince Rupert Tsunami Assessment (video)
April 11 -- City of Prince Rupert puts 2018 Paving Project plans out for bid  NCR
April 11 -- More tributes for Councillor Nelson Kinney and a Council decision to leave seat vacant until October  NCR
April 11 -- Council tutorial highlights elements of new information services from City of Prince Rupert  NCR
April 10 -- City launches its own app and emergency notification system
April 10 -- Province gives $300K to Resource Benefits Alliance
April 10 -- Province provides funding for Northwest Benefits Alliance
April 10 -- City of Prince Rupert debuts Emergency Alert System (video)
April 10 -- Prince Rupert Council seat to remain vacant until fall election
April 10 -- No byelection in Prince Rupert (video)
April 10 -- Prince Rupert launches Emergency Alert system and app
April 10 -- Prince Rupert launches emergency alert system (audio)
April 10 -- Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance to receive provincial funding for future engagement  NCR
April 10 -- Doug Kerr Field work continues on towards a return for youth use  NCR
April 10 -- Cow Bay Marina ... Waiting for the Mega Yachts NCR
April 9 -- McKay Street Build Day (video)
April 9 -- McKay Street Park breaks ground
April 9 -- Prince Rupert among three list topping communities when it comes to High levels for Housing Affordability  NCR
April 9 -- Appointment Day for Prince Rupert City Council   NCR
April 9 -- Emergency Info and Civic Information about to be made available through mobile device services  NCR
April 9 -- Terrace region dominates largest share of NWCC Board of Governor Appointments  NCR
April 9 -- McKay Street makeover takes but 24 hours for hard working volunteers  NCR
April 7 -- City landfill too full to accept bans boats, other large materials
April 5 -- Chalk dust crosswalks
April 4 -- McKay Street build day (video)
April 4 -- Prince Rupert's McKay Street Park getting Major Makeover tis weekend
April 4 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks applicants for Airport Authority Board, Business Advisory Council  NCR
April 4 -- Build Day Beckons Saturday, for McKay Street Park Volunteers  NCR
April 3 -- Next tsunami alert will be on your phone
April 3 -- Prince Rupert Councillor looks for answers on fading road markings
April 3 -- Prince Rupert Road Marking concerns (video)
April 3 -- Water infrastructure repairs on City Works Department "to do" list today NCR
April 3 -- Pacific Western takes to the roads as new Transit Operator in Prince Rupert/Port Edward  NCR
April 2 -- Prince Rupert Development Bylaw (video)


March 30 -- Recent tour with John Horgan highlights expanded role for Nathan Cullen with Federal NDP  NCR
March 29 -- Plans to carve taiko drum sticks from Prince Rupert's fallen cherry trees
March 29 -- Prince Rupert Skating Equipment (video)
March 29 -- Council reviews crosswalk contract and updating a decades-old development bylaw
March 29 -- City puts out call for members for Recreation Commission  NCR
March 29 -- City Council moves forward with first update to City's Development Procedures Bylaw in thirty years  NCR
March 28 -- Public shows support for Trinity House
March 28 -- Councillor Cunningham seeks report on city's pavement marking program  NCR
March 28 -- With strong support from the public gallery; Supportive Housing Residence sails through Public Hearing  NCR
March 27 -- Benefits sharing on the agenda for meeting between Horgan and Northwest mayors
March 27 -- Brain 'shocked and saddened' by cutting of historic cheery blossom trees
March 27 -- Residents react to Cherry Trees being cut in Prince Rupert
March 27 -- Prince Rupert Recovery house approval (video)
March 27 -- Prince Rupert's Cherry Trees (video)
March 27 -- Councillor Kinney remembered at Prince Rupert council (video)
March 27 -- Tours, Meetings, Social events and Photo Ops make for Horgan tour of Prince Rupert NCR
March 27 -- Last week's Prince Rupert homeless count, one of twelve counts to be funded across BC  NCR
March 27 -- Prince Rupert's Cherry Blossom Tree Manifesto  NCR
March 26 -- Horgan talks resource benefits in Prince Rupert
March 26 -- Horgan talks resource benefits and LNG while visiting Prince Rupert
March 26 -- Nelson Kinney passes (video)
March 26 -- 'It is such a shame that this happened," Mayor responds to chopped cherry trees
March 26 -- Ecotrust Canada to provide update to City Council on range of community plans  NCR
March 26 -- Final Public comments to be heard tonight for City of Prince Rupert Budget Process  NCR
March 26 -- Process for supportive housing residence on 11th Avenue East could come to an end this evening, with Public Hearing on proposed zoning change  NCR
March 26 -- Athlete, hair stylist, advocate: Prince Rupert city councillor Nelson Kinney mourned
March 25 -- Nelson Kinney, the Dean of Prince Rupert City Council passes away at 77 NCR
March 24 -- Prince Rupert's 'pulse' Nelson Kinney passes away
March 24 -- Prince Rupert councillor Nelson Kinney Passes Away
March 23 -- Prince Rupert's cherry trees chopped
March 23 -- "They got murdered': anger after decades-old cherry trees destroyed in Prince Rupert
March 23 -- DFO's Chopped Cherry Blossom trees catch attention in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 23 -- NDP LNG modifications stoke ambitions for Kitimat LNG projects  NCR
March 23 -- Prince Rupert City Council quietly adds public sessions to Council calendar for September and October  NCR
March 23 -- EcoTrust Canada gains $100,000 award for innovation lab plans in Prince Rupert NCR
March 22 -- Rupert is not a personal landfill
March 22 -- Prince Rupert RCMP officer charged under the Motor Vehicle Act
March 22 -- Prince Rupert RCMP officer charged following 2017 Pedestrian collision
March 22 -- Prince Rupert officer charged after pedestrian struck at crosswalk
March 22 -- Prince Rupert's Extreme Weather shelter extension (video)
March 22 -- Prince Rupert Road lines (video)
March 22 -- BC Prosecution Service to move forward with charges against Prince Rupert RCMP officer related to motor vehicle incident  NCR
March 22 -- Prince Rupert's Third Avenue Extreme Weather Shelter extends service until end of May  NCR
March 21 -- Prince Rupert B and E's (video)
March 21 -- $1,800 stolen from two businesses in Prince Rupert
March 21 -- RCMP continue to see Break and Enters in Prince Rupert
March 21 -- Extreme Weather shelter will stay open for two more months
March 21 -- Northern Mayor's delegation in Ottawa to stress importance of LNG to region  NCR
March 21 -- Mayor's rescheduled Hays 2.0 update now set for April 25  NCR
March 21 -- More business B and E's in Prince Rupert
March 21 -- Prince Rupert Lions Club raise road safety concerns with City Council  NCR
March 21 -- Early morning Break and entry latest incident for downtown business owners  NCR
March 20 -- Mayor to present Hays 2.0 Blueprint to Prince Rupert
March 20 -- City asks Rupert residents to watch what they flush and rinse
March 20 -- Rupert Vacant properties (video)
March 20 -- RCMP caution residents following a trend of Break and Enters
March 19 -- Prince Rupert RCMP seeing Break and Enter trend over the last few months
March 19 -- Prince Rupert cautions residents what is put down drains
March 19 -- Prince Rupert sewer clogs (video)
March 19 -- Public Hearing notice issued for Supportive Recovery Housing proposal on 11th Avenue East  NCR
March 16 -- Prince Rupert seeks help on local fishery (video)
March 16 -- As we cross mid-March, still no updates on status of much anticipated modular homes promised for delivery this month  NCR
March 16 -- Councillor Cunningham looks to property tax solution to issue of derelict and unsightly properties  NCR
March 15 -- How many homeless people are in Prince Rupert? The province wants to know
March 15 -- In submission to provincial government; Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance seeks solutions to challenges of rural communities  NCR
March 15 -- What are you putting into the sewer system? The City has a few guidelines to consider  NCR
March 15 -- City Council's letter for Fisheries Minister a call for equal treatment with Atlantic Canada  NCR
March 14 -- Cow Bay Marina Fish Market plan now under study by Ecotrust's North Coast Innovation Lab  NCR
March 14 -- Prince Rupert council blames big companies for draining coastal B.C. fishing profits
March 14 -- Looking for some cross walks that won't fade away  NCR
March 14 -- Sparse attendance; little discussion during Budget Consultation session  NCR
March 14 -- In Prince Rupert; Housing approvals, don't always mean housing starts  NCR
March 13 -- Council briefs: owner operator licenses and 2018 budget
March 13 -- Response to challenges and modernization of Ports the focus of Federal review of Canada's Port system  NCR
March 12 -- First public comment period for 2018 City Budget process arrives tonight NCR
March 9 -- Prince Rupert Homeless Count plans (video)
March 9 -- North Coast Transition Society to conduct homeless count March 21st
March 9 -- Prince Rupert Dog Park moving (video)
March 9 -- City Council quietly makes moves towards new RCMP detachment planning  NCR
March 9 -- In final year of their mandate, City Council's list of feuds continues to grow  NCR
March 8 -- Deal for Kanata School property falls through
March 8 -- Prince Rupert's Victims Services Program on search for New Manager  NCR
March 8 -- Twin job opportunities put Help Wanted sign out at City Hall NCR
March 7 -- City asks for public's input on budget
March 7 -- City announces that Fido's eviction notice from Doug Kerr field to be set for March 12th  NCR
March 7 -- Observations on state of downtown and business climate spur online discussions  NCR
March 6 -- Better meetings for Prince Rupert council (video)
March 6 -- Woodside bows out of LNG Terminal development plans for Grassy Point  NCR
March 6 -- Petronas considers BC comeback; with a Kitimat destination possibly in mind  NCR
March 6 -- No mention for Prince Rupert's AMHS Terminal in Alaksa's State Transportation Improvement Plan  NCR
March 5 -- Watson Island court case  (video)
March 5  -- Sun finally appears to set on Sun Wave claims to Watson Island  NCR
March 5 -- City's Budget presentation now available online; providing City's message along with a review of revenues, expenses and taxation loads  NCR
March 2 -- Some rumblings of discontent from one of the BC NDP's most loyal constituencies  NCR
March 1 -- Council set to enhance role of Committee of the Whole Session with community group updates  NCR
March 1 -- Supportive Housing facility proposal heads for Public Hearing set for March NCR


February 28 -- Mill rate could stay the same for Prince Rupert
February 28 -- Councillor Randhawa seeks timeline for pothole attention and paving plans from the City  NCR
February 28 -- Full time Mayor status, salary to be reviewed by next council, following October election NCR
February 28 -- Budget Preview charts course towards public consultation period in Prince Rupert  NCR
February 27 -- Prince Rupert Gets its First Look at 2018 Budget
February 27 -- Prince Rupert Budget (video)
February 26 -- Council Members to receive Chief Financial Officer's 2018 fiscal blue print tonight  NCR
February 26 -- Councillor Cunningham's quest for more community presentations to Council up for discussion tonight  NCR
February 26 -- Au Revoir ReDesign Rupert? NCR
February 26 -- North Coast well represented at Fisheries conference in Vancouver  NCR
February 23 -- Northwest BC Resource Benefits missing from BC Budget Overview  NCR
February 23 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross, Mayor Lee Brain weigh in on PTB's Greyhound decision  NCR
February 23 -- Mayor Brain sees opportunity in Greyhound withdrawal
February 23 -- Mayor Brain's review of Alaska trip (video)
February 22 -- Rushbrook Trail still closed, but some Rupert residents ignoring the closure
February 22 -- "Work with us," Kaien Trails asks the public to stay off Rushbrook
February 22 -- Mayor Brain on Greyhound bus decision (video)
February 22 -- 'Disappointment' makes for the main theme to Northwest commentary on PTB's Greyhound decision  NCR
February 22 -- Trail Adventurers not welcome ... Just Yet!  NCR
February 21 -- Rupert Housing Reaction (video)
February 21 -- Route elimination approved for Greyhound on Highway 16 and other Northern Services  NCR
February 21 -- City seeks volunteers for Lester Centre Board and Recreation Commission  NCR
February 20 -- City Hall Security (video)
February 20 -- March 30th the deadline for payment, as utilities bills hit the mail for Prince Rupert residents  NCR
February 19 -- City of Prince Rupert's Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment project to share in Federal/Provincial funding  NCR
February 16 -- Rock slide on 11th Avenue East and Plaza Street
February 16 -- Crews to clear Prince Rupert rock slide
February 16 -- City of Prince Rupert urges caution in area of 11th Avenue Rock slide  NCR
February 16 -- March 4th the day for McKay Street Park Community Build Day  NCR 
February 16 -- Prince Rupert cleaning up rockslide on 11th Avenue
February 16 -- Where did the paint go?
February 15 -- Council briefs: Complete Streets and supportive house bylaw
February 15 -- A survivor, truck driver and hobbyist advocate for pedestrian safety
February 15 -- Rupert Rockslide (video)
February 15 -- City Council passes motion for Housing Agreement with 11th Avenue East supportive housing proposal  NCR
February 15 -- City Hall front doors to remain locked as part of safety and management plans  NCR
February 15 -- Complete Streets plans shift focus to Third Avenue options  NCR
February 15 -- Council hears update on Safe Place program in Prince Rupert NCR
February 14 -- Rockslide temporarily blocks lane on 11th Avenue in Prince Rupert
February 14 -- Destination Juneau: as Mayor Brain attends South East Alaska Conference mid session  NCR
February 13 -- City of Prince Rupert awards contract for Tsunami Risk Assessment  NCR
February 13 -- Council set to appoint Election Officers for November Municipal Election  NCR
February 13 -- Complete Streets for Prince Rupert looks to give City Council a preview of road safety concept NCR
February 13 -- RCMP's Safe Place Program to be presented to City Council tonight  NCR
February 9 -- Prince Rupert Aquatic Money (video)
February 9 -- Like the flow of gas, the flow information on the PNG gas line situation has been limited from many official sources  NCR
February 7 -- Public Works position latest update for the City of Prince Rupert's hiring board  NCR
February 6 -- New B.C. Liberal leader's connection to sun Wave and Watson Island
February 5 -- City of Prince Rupert shares the word of Cow Bay Marina at Seattle Boat Show  NCR
February 5 -- Province hails strong response to Highway 16 shuttle options from Terrace to Prince George  NCR
February 5 -- CityWest seeks out Front line personnel for Northwest offices  NCR
February 2 -- Province releases ridership snapshot of Highway 16 shuttle service
February 2 -- 5,000 people have used Highway of Tears buses in first year of service
February 2 -- Highway 16 Shuttle update (video)
February 2 -- The case for sirens in Prince Rupert
February 2 -- Number of recreation funding programs available for Prince Rupert residents with limited income  NCR
February 2 -- Tsunami 101 with MLA Rice  NCR
February 2 -- City's First Job Call for 2018 is for the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR


January 31 -- Mayor Brain, City Manager Long in Ottawa for meetings with Federal officials  NCR
January 31 -- Prince Rupert presents bird's eye Go-Map
January 31 -- Council members still mum on reduced schedule for 2018  NCR
January 31 -- Council's Tsunami Alert Review: One part history lesson, one part look to the future  NCR
January 31 -- Presentation to Council provides glimpse into City's Go Map system  NCR
January 30 -- New Northwest Transit Operator begins process of seeking management and staff for upcoming changeover  NCR
January 29 -- City to consider quest to seek NDIT funding for Aquatic Centre project  NCR
January 26 -- Growing list of police report incidents may spur Council to follow up on recommendation from Councillor Cunningham  NCR
January 26 -- Crashes not accidents
January 25 -- BC Stats numbers for 2017 show continued population decline for Prince Rupert, Northwest  NCR
January 23 -- Rupert dropping ball on emergency preparedness
January 24 -- Prince Rupert Civic Centre vendor parking rate changes (video)
January 24 -- Chef wants to convert his house into addiction recovery centre in Prince Rupert
January 24 -- After Tuesday's Alaska quake: Seismic aftershocks continue in Kodiak, while political aftershocks continue to rumble across the North Coast  NCR
January 23 -- Did you sleep through the tsunami alert (audio)
January 23 -- Tsunami warnings lifted following powerful earthquake off Alaska
January 23 -- Overnight tsunami threat triggered alarm in Port Edward, while much of Prince Rupert slept
January 23 -- Tsunami warning causes evacuations, closures throughout North Coast
January 23 -- Tsunami Warning response recap (video)
January 23--  Tuesday morning Tsunami Warning may spur on calls for better public alert system for Prince Rupert  NCR
January 23 -- After residents sleep through tsunami warning, Prince Rupert will review alert system
January 23 -- Public Hearing in February next step for proposed 11th Avenue Supportive Recovery house  NCR
January 23 -- Overnight 7.9 magnitude quake in Gulf of Alaska briefly put Coastal BC under Tsunami alert  NCR
January 22 -- Increased usage; major renovations mark Northwest aviation notes for new year  NCR
January 22 -- Busy week for Mayor Brain wraps up with Prince George stop  NCR
January 19 -- Rupert recreation parking rent fees set to decrease in 2018
January 19 -- Some Northern BC politicians try to keep LNG prospects alive; while Green Party threatens to topple NDP Government over LNG position  NCR
January 18 -- Latest pedestrian/vehicle incident keeps road safety concerns in the spotlight in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 18 -- CityWest outlines the blue print for sub sea fibre plans  NCR
January 17 -- Roy Henry Vickers to join the Board of Directors for CityWest NCR
January 17 -- CityWest to receive share of Federal/Provincial funding for improved internet services  NCR
January 17 -- Housekeeping changes ahead for some parking lot fees and other charges at Civic Centre NCR
January 17 -- City Council kicks off its year of reduced sessions, with a rather short debut for 2018 NCR
January 17 -- Changes ahead for usage rates at Cow Bay Marina  NCR
January 16 -- Fees levied for super yachts calling on Cow Bay
January 16 -- Cow Bay Marina Fees to increase in some categories (video)
January 16 -- Prince Rupert Council concerns on pedestrian - vehicle incidents (video)
January 15 -- An agenda so grand, they'll use it again?  NCR
January 12 -- City looks to improve silt runoff from Wantage Road into salmon habitat
January 12 -- Northwest municipalities pick consultant for workforce attraction project
January 12 -- Prince Rupert and other Northwest communities hire consultant to deliver on resident workforce plans  NCR
January 12 -- City's Council members return to work Monday, taking to reduced Public Session schedule for 2018   NCR
January 11 -- Who wants to live here?
January 11 -- Alberta Transportation giant selected to provide Northwest Transit service starting in April  NCR
January 10 -- Prince Rupert Look Ahead for 2018 (video)
January 9 -- Northwest economy remains uncertain
January 9 -- Transition Prince Rupert sets March for construction start to McKay Street Park  NCR
January 9 -- Supportive Housing proponent schedules information meeting for January 18th  NCR
January 9 -- City of Prince Rupert restrictions to continue in response to threats to City Hall (video)
January 8 -- Prince Rupert landfill plans (video)
January 8 -- Vandalism suspects too young to be charged
January 8 -- Mariners Park vandalism touches community nerve, as residents await more action from Council  NCR
January 4 -- Vandalism arrests in Prince Rupert (video)
January 4 -- Mayor asks for calm as anger toward alleged youth vandals mounts in Prince Rupert
January 4 -- Northwest bus service gets a new operator
January 4 -- Arrests made in connection with Prince Rupert park vandalism
January 4 -- RCMP arrests six suspects in relation to Mariners Park Vandalism
January 3 -- Six youths arrested after Mariner's Park was vandalized
January 3 -- Residents rally to clean up damaged park
January 3 -- Mariner's Park playground vandalized again
January 3 -- Mariner's Park vandalism (video)
January 3 -- Residents help City of Prince Rupert wipe away vandalism at Mariner's Park
January 3 -- Vandals again strike newly renovated Mariner's Park in Prince Rupert
January 3 -- BC Transit picks new operator for Northwest
January 2 -- Northwest assessments (video)

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