Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Portals of politics shape the message for many of this years Council candidates

It's still the early days for the 2018 campaign, but as the quest for Council seats ramps up, some of the eight candidates are starting to put the message to voters out to the public.

Whether through full fledged websites, or social media pages, candidates are starting to share their themes and offer up up what they have to offer the community should they make the final cut of six on October 20th.

Two of the four incumbents have a significant online presence with Councillor Blair Mirau offering up a fairly well developed website to go along with his social media footprints of Facebook and twitter.

Blair Mirau website
Blair Mirau Facebook
Blair Mirau twtter


Councillor Barry Cunningham for the most part stakes out his political territory on Facebook, having been quite active in the last month or so,  as he began to shape some of his political themes and talking points for the six week campaign to election day.

Barry Cunningham Facebook


Newcomer Sarah Dantzer has created a Facebook page for her campaign, so far highlighting the first opportunity to learn more of her campaign through a Tea Time Talk at Mission Health and Wellness.

Sarah Dantzer Facebook


Nick Adey, who is also making a debut bit for Council, hasn't separated his personal Facebook page from any political version to this point, though his most recent post does highlight his decision to run for office.  That entry could serve as the preamble for some of his observations and ideas on the political trail over the course of the campaign. He is also fairly active on twitter, which may provide another source for some background on his efforts through the rest of September and October.

Update: Mr. Adey launched his political Facebook page on September 19th, the link can be found below.

Nick Adey Facebook
Nick Adey Twitter


With a background in marketing and public engagement, Reid Skelton Morven has tapped into the Social media to launch his campaign for Council hosting a political Facebook page.

Reid Skelton Morven Facebook


As the campaign towards the October 20th vote gets underway, the social media profiles of Wade Niesh, Gurvinder Randhawa, and Charmayne Carlson do not point towards any political themes at the moment.

Should that change or those candidates launch a dedicated page to share information on their quest for office we will add those portals to the list above.

Through the next six weeks, we will follow the message making closely and should there be some notes of interest towards the campaign from the candidates, we will make note of their major announcements or themes as the weeks move forward.

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