Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Malaspina heads north on revised schedule after mechanical issues

Mechanical issues with the AMHS vessel Malaspina have the ferry
operating behind schedule following its Prince Rupert departure on Tuesday

If the ferry vessels that travel the North Coast can come down with a case of mechanical flu, it would appear that this summer and fall has been a pretty nasty season.

The AMHS vessel Malaspina is the latest to suffer some mechanical troubles with the Alaska service posting an advisory to its website yesterday noting that the vessel was going to operating seven hours behind schedule of out of Prince Rupert, making for a domino effect that will impact on travellers north along the Alaska Panhandle.

The Service Notice of September 25th did not specify what the engine issues are.

You can review the revised schedule for the remainder of the week here.

The Malaspina will return to its normal schedule when it makes its next southbound transit to Prince Rupert on September 28th.

The AMHS vessel had sailing delays over the summer, requiring repair work in Ketchikan most recently in July.

Over the summer, the BC Ferries vessel Northern Expedition suffered a number of engine relates issues, a situation that left it running off its schedule and on occasion out of service.

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