Sunday, September 23, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending September 23, 2018

With the municipal election campaign now underway, not surprisingly, much of attention of the week tended to focus on our notes on city council and the road to October 20th.

Monday's City council session accounted for two of our five top items on the week, with notes on a desire from Councillor Cunningham to see council spend more on parks, while our review of the Mayor's comments on the Ridley Island Tax dispute with Port Edward was also of interest for readers.

Two items on the City Council campaign trail also attracted significant readership, as we explored some of the social media pages from the candidates, as well as to take note as to how the Mayor's Hays 2.0 plan seems to have resonated with many of the eight seeking office for the next four years.

As well, our look at the sunset days for the 2018 cruise ship season and the plans for yesterday's Outdoor market also found a large audience.

However, the story which attracted the most interest through the week, put some attention on the state of the city's neighbourhood parks and how one councillor is looking to see the city provide some additional attention towards them in the year ahead.

Councillor Cunningham hopes to see more money for community parks in 2019 Budget planning --    While the councillor was looking ahead to next year when it comes to restoring some of the neighbourhood parks for kids,  work was moving quickly on the west side of the city to set the stage for the creation of the Dog Run park at McKay Street, with city crews levelling the field and setting up fencing for much of the last few weeks.  (posted September 19, 2018)

That article was followed by:

With Mayor Brain destined to be acclaimed; focus now turns to Council and School District races to build interest in 2018  campaigns -- With no mayoralty race to take place for 2018, much of the campaign on the way to October 20th will be directed to the six council positions, we look at some of the recent races and how the number of nominated candidates has dropped over the last three electoral cycles. (posted September 17, 2018

Portals of politics shape the message for many of this years Council candidates -- One of the dominant ways that candidates are sharing the political themes this year is through some of their online and social media streams, we offered up a look at some of the notes to this point.  From those online commentaries we also found that many are staking their ambitions for the next four years to some of the elements of the Mayor's Hays 2.0 blue print.   (posted September 18, 2018)  

As cruise season winds down, Prince Rupert prepares for an outdoor market -- Saturday brought one of the last of the cruise ship visits to the city for the 2018 season and among the attractions for visitors and residents alike was the Trading Coast Outdoor Market located near the Hecate Strait building.     (posted September 21, 2018

Ridley Island Tax issues with Port Edward remains a concern for City officials -- During the course of this weeks Prince Rupert Council session, Mayor Brain offered up some notes on the current disagreements on the Ridley island Tax question with Port Edward.  (posted September 19, 2018)  

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