Sunday, September 30, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending September 30, 2018

Industrial development took the lead for the week as our notes on the development plan for the Vopak bulk fuels terminal attracted a large amount of viewers, looking to learn more about the two Open Houses that were schedules for last week.

Another industrial story that always attracts an interested audience is the Eagle Spirit pipeline and terminal proposal, and this week Eagle Spirit's Calvin Helin was making some news out of Calgary.

The final days of the Cruise season are almost upon us and as the last vessel call looms on the horizon in early October, Seaborn which is one of the dominant lines for the Prince Rupert industry announced their schedule for 2019.

Two items related to municipal politics caught the attention of our readers this week, with steady traffic reviewing our look at a lengthy presentation from Mayor Brain through the Northern View podcast this week, while a look at the theme of more transparency for council and how some of the Council candidates are exploring that narrative also resonated with readers.

However, the story which attracted the most interest through the week, explored the path ahead for a proposed bulk fuel terminal for the region, as Vopak hosted Open houses in Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

Vopak set to host two Open Houses on bulk liquids terminal proposal for Ridley Island   --  The Dutch proponent of a major bulk fuels terminal for the North Coast expanded on their plans and the process ahead with two Open houses this week.  (posted September 24, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Seaborn Sojourn already making plans for 2019 cruise season   -- As the 2018 North Coast Cruise season comes to its end, one of the major cruise lines that calls on Prince Rupert is already planning out the schedule for next year. (posted September 25, 2018

The Victory Speech he won't have to make: Mayor Brain's Northern View podcast moments   -- With the announcement of his acclamation now behind him, the Mayor took advantage of twenty four minutes of the paper's podcast to outline some of his political themes.   (posted September 27, 2018)  

Making note of current Trans Mountain turmoil, Eagle Spirit's Calvin Helin once again points the compass towards the North Coast   -- While attending a major oil industry convention in Calgary, Eagle Spirit's CEO kept the profile of their north coast oil pipeline and terminal plans on the radar for oil executives and politicians    (posted September 26, 2018

Calls for more transparency could cover many themes if Council candidates are inclined to discuss the issue on Monday night -- Some familiar words are finding their way into the lexicon of the 2017 City Council race, we took a look at how the candidates may wish to address the goals of accountability of Council and more transparency of its work.  (posted September 28, 2018)  

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