Friday, September 14, 2018

Low volume of nominations could deliver government by acclamation to the North Coast in October

The countdown to the 4:30 PM deadline is on, with today the final day for those with an interest in serving in public office to submit their nomination papers to Prince Rupert City Hall.

As the deadline nears, so far the list of nominees is fairly sparse at the Municipal level, the Elections BC website listings page making note of but three confirmed candidates in the October 20th City of Prince Rupert Council race noted as of this morning.

All three are incumbent council members, with Barry Cunningham, Wade Niesh and Gurvinder Randhawa all officially on the list of the nominated to this point.

As he indicated yesterday, Councillor Blair Mirau will  also make his intentions known later this evening, with a public event announcement set for 5:30 at the Lester Centre.

When it comes to the Mayor's race, so far its a one man contest, with Mayor Lee Brain the only declared candidate to have filed papers with the returning office.

The doors to City Hall Open for business at 9:30 this morning, and if there is no sudden flood of nomination papers through the morning and into the homestretch of this afternoon, there then will be a very good chance that Prince Rupert will not require a vote for the elected positions for the next four years ahead.

Something that will make acclamation to office the potential outcome from the low level of interest that has been exhibited by would be candidates thus far.

Updates (if any) will be noted below:

Councillor Mirau did indeed announce his quest for another four year term in office, also submitting nomination forms by the deadline were Nick Adey, Charmayne Carlson, Sarah Dantzer and Reid Skelton Morven.

The candidate situation is much the same in Port Edward, where the current council membership have all filed their nomination papers with James Brown, Dan Franzen, Christine Mackenzie and Grant Moore heading towards an acclamation at this point, should no other candidates decide to enter the race.

As well, Mayor Dave MacDonald, so far is running uncontested for the Port Edward Mayor's race

Updates (if any) will be noted below:

Knut Bjorndal and Doug Larsen will be contesting the Mayoralty in the District, while Murray Kristoff has added his name to the Council race.

The School District 52 trustees race has a bit more movement in play at the moment, the most recent update to the nomination list includes six names to this point, some of them newcomers or members of the past looking for placement among the six available seats on the Board of Education:

Dave Cook
Al Ernst
James Horne **
Terri-Lynne Huddlestone **
Bart Kuntz **
Jessica Newman

Updates (if any) will be noted below:

Incumbents Tina Last ** and Louisa Sanchez ** filed by the deadline, they were joined by Kristy Maier, Steve Finnigan and Kate Toye to make for 11 candidates for the six position.

** = incumbents

We'll keep an eye on the Elections BC website through the day and add to the list as required, to stay up to date on any late breaking news on additional candidates you can also follow our twitter feed at @CharlesMHays

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