Friday, September 14, 2018

Prince Rupert's BC Commercial Fisheries resolution for UBCM gains endorsement from convention

British Columbia's gathering of municipal officials has come to a conclusion, with the final bit of work taking place this morning as delegates wrapped up their work at the Whistler Convention Centre.

Much of the work of the last couple of days has involved the long list of resolutions for consideration that communities brought forward for the week, with a range of topics and concerns that made for some discussion and then voting opportunities for delegates as to whether the UBCM would follow up on them.

Prince Rupert City Council only had one resolution up for consideration at this years UBCM convention, Resolution B138 - a call for action in support of the BC Commercial Fishery.

Prince Rupert Council approved the forwarding of the resolution to the UBCM convention, after it was brought forward to city council by Councillor Joy Thorkelson back in June of this year.

At that council session, Ms. Thorkelson outlined why she wanted to bring the issue to UBCM and the provided for the main thrust of the resolution language that was delivered to UBCM convention organizers prior to convention week.

Prince Rupert's resolution on the BC Commercial Fishery
was reviewed at UBCM this morning
(click to enlarge)

As part of their wrap up to their resolution work of this morning, delegates to the UBCM gathering in Whistler endorsed the Prince Rupert work, but did so with some slight amendments to the language.

Those amendments included the following notes;

UBCM delegates endorsed Prince Rupert resolution B138, however
with some amended language

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The five days of workshops, seminars, information session, speeches and opportunities to meet with provincial and federal officials came to an end at noon today, following Premier John Horgan's closing address to the convention.

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